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Yaron Yaron Israel ( Couple )
5 months ago

“ Yukiko made our trip very special exceeding our expectations ”

Thank you Yukiko for a exceptional tour! Yukiko is a wonderful guide with great knowledge and experience in introducing travelers to Japanese culture and history. Her ability to customize our tour and explanations to our needs made our day with her very special. Both the tour and the lunch we spent together included a wealth of information and lots of fun. Yukiko's pre-tour communications and preparations made sure we knew everything needed for our tour and the rest of our time in Japan. Yukiko very successfully customized our tour to perfectly fit our interests with the ability to offer both an excellent overview and a deep dive into subjects of interest. She also made sure our time was well managed taking into account our wishes and interests. Her cheerful and caring personality are a delight and we connected within 5 minutes of meeting for the first time. Yukiko truly over delivered in every respect during our tour, adding subjects to our tour making our time together even more valuable to us. Yukiko was also kind enough to assist us with things we wanted to do after our tour, giving very useful and exact direction that helped us very much even after our tour. Finally, Yukiko very graciously followed up with us after the tour with additional information we discussed during our tour. We would all heartily recommend Yukiko to all travelers to Japan. Our only regret is not having her as our guide for our whole trip.


Thank you so much for a great review you gave my tour! Your heartfelt message encouraged me a lot. I really appreciated it from bottom of my heart. I'm sure that you spent a wonderful time at each city after the tour. I also had an enjoyable time with you and learned a lot about your country. I'd like to visit your country to see everything on my eyes someday. I hung a charm on a wall at my house. There are many beautiful places and things to do in Japan, I recommend visiting hot spring next time. I hope we'll meet again in the future. Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!!