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Maria Maria United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Tokyo - city tour made easy ”

Visiting Tokyo seemed daunting with all the hype about the complicated Train/Metro system and the language barrier that have been one of the concerns we hear and see on social media so my family contemplated on whether to get the help of a private tour guide or do it alone. We chose Toshi and we did the right thing. He walked us through the complicated subway transfers and made it look so easy. We visited the places we wanted to visit and Toshi was all eager to answer all our questions along the way.He was knowledgeable. All in all ,the day turned out to be excellent which started in Shinjuku. We would recommend Toshi to our friends if they visit Tokyo and need a Private Tour Guide. Also , a shout out to TripleLights for running a great app to help visitors in visiting Japan for the first time. Best regards, Maria Lapid and Telly Yaptangco


Dear Maria-san and Telly-san, Thank you for the wonderful tour review. I highly appreciate your decision of having come to Tokyo as tour destination in spite of exaggerated rumor of complicated transportation and the language barrier. And thank you for hiring me as your tour guide. You were a big family with total seven people. Usually guiding a tour for seven people by using public transportation is difficult. Sometimes one person is away from the group. But your family was well organized and supported by each other. I could do a guide without any difficulty. Thank you for your cooperation. It was my happy moment that you asked me several intellectual questions about Japanese culture, religion and social systems. I also learned many things from you. It will be honorable opportunity if I can do a guide for your friends in the future. Best regards, Toshihiro

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