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Mike Mike Japan ( Couple )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Taking in Tokyo ”

Hiromi enabled us to take in a cross section of Tokyo’s key tourist sights in one day. It was a challenging umbrella day - we couldn’t see the tops of the high buildings due to mist. Hiromi used the subway and JR rail to move us efficiently between widely spaced locations. Hiromi has good English, a good knowledge of Tokyo, is friendly and has a quietly informative manner. It was a fun memorable day thanks.


Dear Mike & Brenda Thank you very much for writing the review. It was rainy and bit cold day. I hope you didn't catch a cold. It was interesting day for me as well. Same sights but different views in spring rain. Even I go same sights each moment are different. The moment is treasure for me. I appreciate your kindness during the tour! Thank you! :)

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