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Sarah Sarah Singapore ( Family )
6 months ago

“ Excellent! ”

Kashima-san was a very punctual and enthusiastic tour guide. He made an incredible effort to engage with the children and provided a detailed, printed itinerary. The itinerary included lots of information about visiting spots as well as an entertaining way of introducing some essential Japanese words. Kashima-san brought us to some very reasonable and good-quality restaurants and adapted the itinerary according to our interests. Would recommend to anyone with an interest in going off the beaten track and experiencing Japan with a local flavour.


Sarah san, Thank you very much for your detail review as great as any. I am very much pleased that you and your two daughters enjoyed one and a half days Tokyo tour and one day Kamakura tour. I am very much impressed that your twin daughters are very interested in both various traditional culture style in Japan and various Japanese souvenirs. As for traditional culture, we visited Meiji shrine, Asakusa/Sensoji temple, Ueno Toshogu shrine, Ueno Daibutsu for one and half days of Tokyo tour and Great Budda in Kotokuin-temple, Hase temple, Tsuruoka-Hachiman shrine in one day Kamakura tour. All these spots are deeply related with Japanese history such as Heian era, Kamakura-era, Edo-era , Meiji restoration ,how original Samurai had appeared in Japan related with the actual social status in the era and so-on. I am very much thankful that you and your daughters seriously listened my explanation. Also, you daughters enjoyed very much for various shopping souvenirs on the street of Harajuku, Nakamise souvenir street in Asakusa, Ueno Ameyoko street and Kamakura Komachi street. I am pleased that you daughters bought a lot of those souvenirs. I am looking forward to guiding you on remaining Feb.4 in Tokyo. Thanks, Kashima