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Robert Robert United States ( Friends )
5 months ago

“ Highly recommend touring Tokyo with Yukiko ”

We had a perfect and fun day with Yukiko. We were on the beginning of a two week trip to Japan and Thailand. Working with Yukiko to plan our tour was very easy. We conversed over email for around 2 months to custom tailor our tour. We only had 1 day to experience the best of Tokyo so Yukiko and I worked on a 5 destination trip plus lunch. Each stop on our tour was great. We started at the Outer Fish market and worked out way through Tokyo. We got really lucky with our timing since our trip was during the Japanese New Year week so everywhere we stopped had decorations celebrating the New Year. Yukiko did a fabulous job explaining to us historical, current and cultural things about Japan. Besides all the destinations, we went to lunch at Asakusa Imahan where we experienced Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki. Our lunch was the highlight of our day. I highly recommend you try to add this to your tour. To summarize our trip, our experience with Yukiko was truly amazing. At the end of the day we felt like we made a new friend in Japan.


Thank you so much for your fantastic review, Robert! I really appreciated. During the tour,we had many opportunities to feel Japanese New Year at each spot and it was very nice. Among several Japanese foods, Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki are one of my favorites and I'm glad that you really enjoyed the taste of those. The stuff helped us to cook for almost everything was quite unique experience for you and that was one of their hospitality of the restaurant. There are many places to visit on each season in Japan, I hope you'll visit Japan again. Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!!