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Elizabeth Elizabeth United States ( Solo )
7 months ago

“ Best One Day Tokyo Tour Ever ”

I had a 12 hour layover in Tokyo, and rather than spend it in the airport, I spent the day with Mitsuru. He and I communicated before I arrived about what kinds of things I thought I'd like to see, but I left the itinerary in Mitsuru's hands. And he did an AMAZING job. I literally saw Tokyo from the fish market to the royal palace grounds, famous Shibuya pedestrian intersection (check it out on YouTube) and parks, Kabuki theater, this cool temple for seeking blessings for your business, the Tokyo station, Nissan HQ (OMG you won't believe the macha latte) and a skyscraper view of the city. Ending with the absolute best sushi I have ever had in my life - and I am a sushi snob. Truly it was a perfect day, and Mitsuru was incredible. He designed a well thought-out day, had boundless energy, taught me a lot about history and culture and made me feel so welcome. He also walked me through the airport to the security maze I needed to use - which I really appreciated. I cannot recommend Mitsuru highly enough.


Hi Elizabeth!! It was really a perfect day and can’t thank you enough for your trusting and for your collaboration, taking in consideration your previous flight, you were full of energy!! Hence all worked out perfectly! Thanks for sharing your travels experiences around southeast Asia too! That might be my next holiday trip! Yeah, sushi was so yummy! :) And at least, after lots of walking, stairs, metro transfers, bus etc you were exhausted and probably could have a good rest on your next flight back to the US! Please come again to visit other regions of Japan. We have so many beautiful and interesting areas to explore!! Take care, Mitsuru