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Adam Adam United States ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Fantastic Solo Tour in Tokyo ”

I could not be happier with Hiromi as a tour guide and educator about Tokyo and Japan. I had a one day tour on my first trip to Japan/Tokyo, and she helped me plan sights to go and visit, was deeply informative, open to my questions, flexible when I wanted to see an additional garden, and generally a delight to spend a day with. She was professional to the highest degree, communicating promptly, arriving early, helping me in all places I was a bit lost but never pushing or judging. Her knowledge is deep and accessible, and she really tailored the tour to my interests and questions. Highly recommend!


Dear Adam Thank you very much for writing the review. Yes, we visited a lot of places and that was fun! I'm very happy to know you enjoyed my tour. I had very good time, too. Thank you very much for being my guest. The review like this really encourages me. Hope see you again someday. There are many more places to see in Tokyo. Thank you :)

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