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Lainie Lainie Canada ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ A wonderful guide! ”

Toshihiro was a terrific tour guide. From the moment I booked with him, he was available to answer all my questions. He responded quickly to my emails and I knew that he wanted me to have a good trip. He was always punctual which was great because I had planned two very full days with him! He knew his way around the transportation system (which, in my opinion, is very complicated!),and that saved a lot of time. When it came to the itinerary he was open to all my requests. He even rearranged the tour on one of the days because he knew that the site we were visiting would be more crowded in the afternoon. He was also very flexible because he was open to adding a few sites to visit when he heard that we were interested in going there. He was very generous with his time! Even though the time we booked with him was officially over, he wanted to make sure we knew how to get back to our hotel. I would highly recommend hiring Toshihiro! You will not be disappointed!


Dear Lainie-san, Thank you very much for the wonderful tour review. All the requests you asked me were reasonable and I noticed that you investigated well about Japan. Before coming to Tokyo, you stayed at Kyoto and gave me various information. Your such a behavior helped me to arrange the tour plans for two days in Tokyo. I enjoyed walking in Tokyo with you, your husband and your friends. It was amazing moment for me to talk with you about a lot of matters. Thank you very much for hiring me as a tour guide for such an excellent group. Best regards, Toshihiro

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