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Linda Linda United States ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Junko is the best!! ”

Junko was an excellent choice for me! She came to the Yokohama port to meet my ship and guided me safely to my Tokyo hotel. I was not feeling 100% that day, and Junko took care of everything .. checking me in, taking care of my luggage, arranging early check-in, and seeing me safely to my room. She also made a cancellation for me for a restaurant booking. On the second day, my plans had changed. I wanted to go to Kamakura to see the giant Buddha at the Zen Temple there. Junko quickly changed her prepared Tokyo itinerary and rewrote one for Kamakura, sending it by fax to my hotel room. I was feeling much better on our day, so we met at 7:30 am and caught one train, then a local (great sightseeing along the way) to the beautiful Hasadera temple. Along the way, Junko and I talked about Japanese culture, religion and history. The temple was so beautiful, with the golden statue and the well-manicured gardens. Then we were off again to another temple which features a giant 700 year old outdoor statue of Buddha. This was a wonderful experience once again. We sat and talked and admired the statue - I really never wanted to leave because it was so awe-inspiring. Finally, we went to the Hokokuji Temple and the bamboo forest, where we enjoyed a tea and sweets while overlooking the forest. It was also hard to leave this beautiful city and head back to Tokyo. Once there, Junko once again came to my rescue. I had lost an expensive macha tea I had bought the day before, and Junko took me to a giant department store adjacent to the Shinkjuku JR station. This could have been a tour on its own! I was amazed at the HUGE display of food, with everything you could possibly want in the way of tea, snacks, luncheon meats and bakery items. It was truly a feast for the senses. Junko helped me find Sakura tea, as well as went on her own to find the macha tea I wanted. I couldn't thank her enough. Junko is truly one of the best guides Triple Lights offers! Her English is excellent, her love and knowledge of her country is abundantly evident, and her generosity and true caring for her clients shows in everything she does and says. I felt like I was with a dear friend all day, and found it difficult to say goodbye to her. When I come back to Tokyo, I will meet with Junko again and renew our friendship, forged over many messages online, and through two wonderful days. Thank you, too, Junko, for the nice parting gifts - I am using one and eating the other! I will find those cookies you gave me and order them because you were so kind to give them to me! Sayonara until next time, Junko-san.


Thank you so much for a great review. I really appreciate your long review using your precious time. I am glad to hear you enjoyed our visiting Kamakura, seeing Hase Kannon and the Great Statue of Buddha and drinking a macchia tea in the bamboo garden of Hokokuji Temple. I also had a wonderful time with you all. I will never forget such a wonderful memories. Hope to see you again in Tokyo. Thank you again and take care!! Junko

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