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tuan Tuan Canada ( Family )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Very helpful guide ”

Very helpful in taking care of our large group .Knowledgeable guide , only needs to improve her spoken english .


Hello Tuan, I’ve been missing you all! How have you been? Did you enjoy your stay in other places in Japan? Thank you for your review on my tour! I didn’t expect I would get such a high good review! I’m sorry that we had to skip Akihabara in Tokyo & the Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko. Also, I guess you were disappointed we could see less Autumn leaves at Kegon Waterfalls. Also, I appreciated your feedback about my spoken English! I’ll definitely improve it so everyone will be more interested in Japan! Anyway, did you get those photos I took in Nikko Toshogu Shrine? If not, please let me know. Hope you’re all well and say hello to the others, please! Respectfully, Akemi