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Franca Franca Australia ( Solo )
2 years ago

“ Temples, Gardens and Old Japan ”

Thank you Akira, I told him on many occasions- because I needed to tell him in person and not wait till this review. I could not have picked a better person. In all manners he was punctual. I was happy to have had two good days planned by Akira to include all the places I was interested in seeing around Tokyo. You could do Tokyo on your own but you will not see as much and you don’t need to worry about checking where you are or asking for directions. Akira was just wonderful with his knowledge of history, Temple etiquette and where to take you to eat & have coffee. He did not rush you and there were moments where we just sat and enjoyed the scenery. We did about 4 spots each day, which is very do - able, but you must be prepared to walk and catch trains. I loved my two days with you Akira - and one of my highlights was to go to Harajuku with you and see you laugh and laugh, and my surprise visit to a Sumo stable to see them exercising . Not to mention our Italian lunch at Ometesando. I hope I will see you again in Tokyo one day. Domo arigato gozaimashita


Dear Franca, Thank you sooo much for the great review. And also, I would like to thank you for giving me a happy vibe from down under. I am so happy that we could share the wonderful time together including fun and interesting talk about our cultural difference, good meal. I wish I could be a happy and jolly communicator like you who can be friend with whole wide world. If you have another chance to come back, just let me know and let’s explore more about my loving city together again. Sincerely, Akira

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