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Joe Joe United States ( Solo )
2 years ago

“ The best way to experience Tokyo ”

On previous visits to Tokyo, I found it very interesting to observe the culture, and watch the local people going about their business. But Japan is very unique, and it is difficult to understand all that’s going on. As a foreigner, you cant shake the distinct feeling of being an outsider watching things from a distance. Maru changed all that for me. Within a few minutes of meeting Maru, I felt completely relaxed and at ease with her. It was obvious that she is a genuinely nice person who is eager to share her knowledge and experience. 45 minutes into the tour, I felt as if I was walking and talking with a friend who happened to live in the neighborhood. I only had a few hours with her, but In that short amount of time I gained a better understanding of the Japanese culture than I did in my four previous visits combined. My only regret is that I didn’t find Maru on my first visit. If you want to SEE Tokyo, you can do what I did on previous visits, and just wander around the typical tourist attractions. But if you want to experience it, understand it, and interact with it, book a tour with Maru. I guarantee it will be the best money you ever spend there. In retrospect, the price I paid was way too low. She is a gem.


Hello, Joe. Thank you very much for your impressive comment.. It's a great pleasure for me. Visiting Shrine, eating Matcha ice cream, talking at a cafe... it was only a short tour, but I had a fantastic time with you! I’m looking forward to having another tour with you again soon! Would it be in Narita next time? 😊Thank you. Maru.

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