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Deb Deb Australia ( Friends )
7 months ago

“ Knowledgeable & easy going tour guide ”

It was awesome meeting Mitsuru! He was really helpful and adaptable when organising our one day tour in Tokyo. We had a great day with Mitsuru in Tokyo. Our tour included different sites around the city that we were keen to visit, and we traveled around both by foot and subway. I'd definitely recommend booking Mitsuru as a local tour guide.


G’day Deb! You came with such as cool and friendly Aussie group! NSW, VIC and QLD.. cheers!! Yeah, I think we spent a fantastic time together, just sorry for two things: your other friends that got sick in the cruise and had to stay at Yokohama Port and the heavy raining that hit us suddenly at the end.. you guys are awesome!! Thank you so much and please come again!!