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Suzanne Suzanne United States ( Family )
7 months ago

“ The best tour guide ever ”

This was our first time in Japan and we hired Mitsuru to help us get to our airbnb from Narita as well as booking a full day tour with him. I can't say enough what a helpful, wonderful, knowledgable guide he was. Super helpful in getting us acquainted with the train and metro system which can be very daunting. He tailored our tour to our family's needs perfectly. He was super flexible and responsive. I wish I could have hired him the whole time. He was amazing!


Dear Suzanne, thanks a lot for your kind review. Definitely it was my pleasure to be with you guys at these days. Very glad to see you and the kids enjoying the spots we visited and I got surprised about Nel's interest on the Gracie family. Yeah, I just felt sorry that airbnb was not that good. On the other hand, now you can feel at home.. and thank you for such as nice invitation to enjoy the pool! Your family is beautiful.. wish you can do many other international trips together from now on, since the kids are growing up!! Thank you so much!!