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Susan Susan United States ( Family )
11 months ago

“ Delightful, Meaningful, Fun ”

Our tour of Tokyo with Yukiko delighted us in so many ways and was extremely rewarding. Tokyo is a complex city to visit and Yukiko made it so much easier for us. It was time very well spent. The whole day was a cultural delight. Yukiko took such good care of us. Her careful planning and thoughtfulness were obvious. Yukiko has an EXCELLENT command of English. There was absolutely no problem communicating. She was able to answer all of our questions knowledgeably, completely, and clearly. It was quite easy to spend the time with her. Yukiko was very considerate of our preferences and comfort. Her knowledge of Japanese history, culture, and customs is impressive. She is quite intelligent, thoughtful, well-traveled, and most gracious. Having used private guides in cities on several continents, I can truly say that THIS tour was one of the best we’ve had in our travel experiences with one of the nicest and smartest guides. I also thought the fee was extremely reasonable. All of our arrangements were by email and were completely reliable. All of our emails were promptly answered and everything was clearly confirmed in writing. From the very beginning of planning our day by email, things went very smoothly. Yukiko and I traded suggestions but she is the real expert so I confidently trusted her with the final decisions. The thorough explanations that Yukiko gave us about Japanese history and culture and the knowledge we gained from our day with her, was especially useful to us all through our 2 weeks in Japan. During our tour, Yukiko explained the various customs of ancient Japan and the meaning of many symbols, rites, and practices of both the Shinto and Buddhist heritage. She organized the day very smartly to show us different aspects of life in Tokyo including the practical aspects of using the subway system. The importance of this CANNOT be overstated and this alone was worth every Yen we paid for this tour. Understanding how to efficiently use all aspects of the subway system served us VERY well for all of our 2 weeks in Japan. We used this knowledge over and over. In addition to showing us some of the most well known sights of Tokyo, Yukiko also introduced us to a ceremony at a Buddhist Temple that I am positive most visitors to Tokyo wouldn’t know about. We were able to observe this solemn ancient ritual which we found most impressive. This was an important highlight for us. Another memorable experience was having Yukiko arrange a lunch for us at a tempura restaurant. This was both FUN and USEFUL. We were kind of nervous about our first meal at a “real” Japanese restaurant and knowing the proper etiquette, but Yukiko expertly and kindly guided us. Again, this knowledge served us very well for the rest of our trip through Japan. During our lunch, Yukiko explained the different foods and how they’re eaten. She explained the proper Japanese dining customs. We got to interact with the tempura chef. Even with the language barrier, we enjoyed this interaction so much. This was one of the most enjoyable highlights of the day. And the food from this tiny hidden gem of a restaurant was outstanding. Yukiko had made the reservation 2 months in advance. The most valuable part of this touring experience was getting to know this charming young woman and feeling the enthusiasm and affection she has for one of the great cities and cultures of the world.


Thank you so much for your heartfelt review of my tour!! I am so impressed all of your words and very appreciated. Whenever I conduct my tour, I cherish the idea of "one life and one meeting". It means we should cherish our meeting that may never happen again. We might have a chance to meet again, but nobody knows what happen in the future and the next meeting will be another special meeting. I also understand that traveling Japan is a special opportunity for all of visitors that may once in their lifetime. So I'm glad to hear that you had a great experiences through my tour this time and brought back many unforgettable wonderful memories. I'm always happy to be your tour guide when you visit Japan again! Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!!