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Viraji Viraji Australia ( Family with kids )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Short visit to Tokyo ”

Yoko was very helpful and flexible in accommodating our needs. Did not feel rushed. Our children really enjoyed the trip


Thank you, ma'am, for your review. You must've been tired with urgent business coming in even though it was your vacation. You were quite lucky to see three wedding couples at Meiji Jingu Shrine. I was quite amazed with your extraordinary smart son, Ruvindu. After I came to know his abudant knowledge on trains, I went a little bit too far in insisting visiting the Maglev Exhibition Center, but I hope you saw it as an excellent facility with cutting edge technology and stimulating his interest in science more. I was extremely glad when he politely expressed his gratitude toward me after our visit there. I believe in his future that he has the potential of winning a nobel prize or the Fields Medal. I wish you could wear a rental kimono in Kyoto, but if you would like to try (again), I will show you to some stores in Asakusa next time. I hope I could show you some more places like Nikko or Kamakura soon, wishing your beautiful shy princess would speak a little bit more to me, too. Please come back to Japan again soon.

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Mt. Fuji's View from Lake Kawaguchiko Up-to-You Tour

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