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Rajini Rajini Japan ( Family with kids )
Very Good
10 months ago

“ Lovely company to sight see the city ”

I had engaged Yoko San to show me around Tokyo for a day. Shee was very punctual and very cordial. Her English is excellent nd she knows the city very well she accomodated all my requests and interests and manned the day very well.o doubt if I could have managed evengalf if what we saw, if I had ventured on my own. Thank you Yoko San .


Thank you, Rajini San for your review. I enjoyed the day so much 'cause I could see your beautiful smile over and over again as your T-shirt message "Smile is the Best makeup." Sorry about making you walk so much because that "off the beaten" sakura spot doesn't have a closer station but the one that we used and at some Metro station had some distance when we transfered, but we did see a lot of spots in a day. I'm really looking forward to seeing you and your daughter in your future vacation. Thank you again, Rajini San.

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