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Robert Robert Japan ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Lovely Trip - a view of new and old. ”

Hiroyuki was very kind. The tour he brought us on was great and each stop had significance. We anchored the trip with the Shinjuku Gyoen and how its role changed from an aristocrats residence to an imperial garden after the Meiji restoration, along with viewing of the cherry blossoms and some great photo opportunities. We walked past the gymnasium built for the 1964 olympics and the site of the new stadium for the 2020 olympics. Even briefly stopping at the Meiji Memorial Picture gallery we learned about the life and role of the Meiji Emporer and the changes he brought about. We learned about the poetry of the Emporer and his court at the Nezu museum, we experienced the modern culture that was made possible by this history as we walked along Omote-sando and Takeshita street, and it was all tied together at our visit to Meiji Jingu, where we was prints of the images at the Meiji Memorial Picture gallery, the poetry displayed by the Meiji Emporer, the potential changes to the old-style station for the 2020 olympics. He was a very kind guide, my 5-year old daughter was very impressed by him, the trip was very well planned and we stayed right on schedule even though we had to make an emergency bathroom hunt. The food was great, and we had a lot of opportunities for great pictures and stops in tourist shops without needing impede the tour. It made a wonderful memory.


Dear Robert I am very pleased that you, your wife and your daughter enjoyed the tour yesterday. To be honest, your wife is expecting a baby and your daughter is five year old, so I was a bit worried that a walking tour would make a burden on them. As a result, it seemed that all of you have been satisfied with all experiences on the route and made a safe trip? Its my great pleasure. If you know anyone who are interested in a walking tour in or around Tokyo, please inform me and I am sure to realize their wishes. Finally, your daughter is very cute and I remember walking hand in hand together with her. When she grows up, I wish to see her again. Thank you very much! Hiroyuki