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victor Victor United States ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ My son and my first time in Japan and Tokyo a trip of a lifetime ”

Well where to start , if you are looking for a personal guide , i can not recommend someone more qualified and more wonderful than Koichiro . What a wonderful friendly and warm soul he is , so helpful and thoughtful on my son and i trip to Tokyo and the area around , i requested a trip to the wind and ice cave near Mt Fuji ,and even though Koichiro had not been himself yet , you couldn't tell because how professional he was , always looking out for us and our needs .He went out of the way to make sure we were happy and comfortable ,I really enjoyed the fish market , if you come to Tokyo it is a must and Koichiro knows the best spots and vendors to sample , i felt so much at ease with him at our side ,We hired a guide but ended up making a new friend that i hope we see again on our next trip to the land of the rising sun , he shared a dream of climbing Mt Fuji and watching the sun rise , i hope his dream comes true someday soon . i picked Koichiro because i wanted someone young enough to be able to interact with my 15 yr old son and his interests , yet Koichiro is wise beyond his years very flexible, if you are looking for a boring old guide that see this as just a job don't pick Koichiro he isn't that person . He is a very talented and aliveand very knowledgeable person whom is loving and caring of those he guides , all i can say is we were very blessed to have him show us his country and see it through the eyes of a local, thank you again so much for making this a wonderful trip for Ian and i .


Dear Victor, It's truly a great pleasure to hear from you with such kind and positive words! During the tour, I've always been moved by your gentleness and responsibility as a father which gave me inspiration for my future. Also it has been really awesome to have been able to talk hard rock/heavy metal music with you because I grew up listening to them! Thank you, wish Ian all the best for the preparation for college, hope to see you in Tokyo or in Fort Worth again:) Best, Koichiro

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