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Marshall Marshall United States ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Great tour of Tokyo ”

As first time visitors to Japan (parents and 2 teenagers), we hired Hiroyuki to help us simplify and streamline the logistics of getting around Tokyo. We wanted to spend time seeing things, not figuring out how to get from point A to point B. We also wanted to see some of Tokyo "behind the scenes" or "off the beaten path". We had a good sense from various books of what we wanted to see, but weren't sure of the best order in which to see them. We sent our list of Hiroyuki and he organized it into three full days of touring, including picking out great spots for meals and taking us into some back streets to see how people live on a daily basis. After our initial plan was established, he was flexible to adapt it as our pre-trip discussions with friends said "you've got to see this". He figured out where to add these new things and made recommendations about what to drop. He was very knowledgeable about all the sites, got us around the train system smoothly and was a pleasure to be with. His written and spoken English is very good...he's got an amazing vocabulary for someone for whom English is not their native language. But interestingly, he sometimes had a hard time understanding simple questions from us. But that in no way hindered our experience. You can be confident Hiroyuki will take good care of you.


Dear Marshall I am very pleased to have joined your travel in Tokyo and helped you conduct it smoothly. First, the whole three day tour was carried mainly on foot but I was surprised that your family members were all good walkers. Second, you are very kind and considerate even towards me. Third, your daughters are very charming and I remember talking to them, though sometimes joking, while walking. I wish you and your family members happiness. Someday, I hope I will see you again in Japan. When I looked back on my guiding including various explanations about things and listening to what customers say I need to improve my English ability. The job about accompanying you is memorable. Thank you very much! Hiroyuki