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adam Adam Australia ( Family with kids )
9 months ago

“ A great introduction to Tokyo! ”

I had never visited Tokyo or even Japan for that matter and as I was travelling solo I knew that I needed a local guide that would take me to places that I just wouldn't have visited if it weren't for the help of a local expert. Kashi took charge of the train system for me so I didn't waste any time working it all out and this is important if you are only in Tokyo for a few days. Kashi was very helpful giving me tips for my train travel around Japan and even helped me book my bullet train travel. Kashi took me to some delightful food places and to some major attractions that are on the tourist list but he also took me to other places such as samurai, sumo and sword museums and also art exhibitions and a cruise down the river. Thank you very much Kashi, I will recommend you to my parents for their next visit :)


Adam san, Thank you very much for your kind and warm comments for me. I am very much pleased that you could enjoy the two days Tokyo trip as your first time visit. In this tour, as you kindly wrote, Japanese train system experience, delicious sumo wrestler's meal and bowl of roast beef as lunch, beautiful view from Asakusa water bus cruise, temple & shrine experience in Sensoji/Asakusa, Samurai related knowlege experience such as Samurai servant spirits which leading current Japanese people hospitality, craftsmanship sword manufacturing technology by watching Samura-museum & Sword museum and Hokusai Ukiyoe paiting experience at Hokusai museum. Also, good Japanese souvenirs shopping for your family at Omotesando Oriental Bazaar. It is my pleasure for you to understand Japanese cultutre and atmosphere through this tour and tell your freineds and family about your experience in Japan. I am looking forward to meeting with you and your family for your next trip in Japan. Thanks, Kashima