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Anita Anita United States ( Family with kids )
9 months ago

“ Perfect day in Tokyo ”

We were only going to be in Tokyo for one day and thanks to Michiko that one day was a perfect one. Michiko was very knowledgeable, flexible, and accommodating to our requests. We could not have seen as much as we did without her. We learned a great deal about the areas we visited which enriched the experience. According to my Fitbit we did over 16 miles of sightseeing. What a wonderful day. Thank you Michiko!!


Thank you for giving me such an excellent review. I really appreciated. Before we started the tour, I was concerned about the weather, but the weather report was off and it was a beautiful day. Anita, you brought the good weather with you. Do you remember the white and pink plum flowers were bloomed under the blue sky? We witnessed the wedding couple were taken their commemorative photo in Hamarikyu Garden. I also enjoyed the day with you. I hope you will come back to Japan with both of your daughters someday!

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