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E.K. E.K. United States ( Couple )
3 years ago

Yukiko was amazing from the moment we booked the tour with her. Growing up with Japanese anime, we wanted to spend the day soaking up everything we've read and seen in anime. Yukiko truly delivered! She started us off in Akihabara and continued to Harajuku and ended in Ikebukuro. She prepared subway and JR maps with our hotel marked so we can explore on our own after the tour. She also helped us find out information about things we want to do on the days we weren't with her...truly going above and beyond! Thank you Yukiko! We hope to see you next time!!


Thank you so much for such a very nice review, E.K! I really appreciated that you enjoyed the tour. I also soaked up in Japanese pop culture and learned a lot. That was fun! I definitely would like to see you again in the next time. Thank you once again. Domo Arigatou!!