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Sandra Sandra United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Great guide ”

Yukiko was a wonderful guide who worked with us to personalize our tour. We were in Tokyo for 5 days and hired her for the first 2 days. Without her, there certainly would have been places/events we would have missed. And she was very good in giving us specific recommendations for the best shops for food items we were interested in. My elderly parents were traveling with us and Yukiko was very attentive. The main thing we found in having Yukiko with us is that she greatly removed any of the stress of navigating Tokyo. We found having her with us just made the days so much easier and pleasant. Would definitely recommend her to anyone traveling to Tokyo.


Thank you for your review, Sandra! I really appreciated it. During 2 days tour, we enjoyed so many different foods at each site and satisfied our appetites as well as visiting local spots. Some places are very local like our lunch place on the second date in Asakusa. I think that you may be surprised how tiny space and sit down on the floor, but I hope you also enjoyed the local daily life. You have a warm and lovely family. Japan has a lot of beautiful places and can enjoy at each season. I hope you'll come to visit Japan again! Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!