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3 months ago |   by Heather

“ Fascinating city of Tokyo and wonderful tour guide. ”

Toshi met us at our hotel at the agreed time, and explained the course for the day. We went with her to the subway to purchase our day travel ticket. Our first stop was The Imperial Garden which was beautiful even in the winter, then caught subway to Harajuku which we walked through and found a Soba noodle place for our lunch. Next stop was Meiji Shrine where Toshi talked us through the importance of Shrines in Japanese culture. We then caught 2 more trains to Odaiba city, one of the trains being a driverless train. We found the entire day amazing, and Toshi was a great communicator telling us all about history and meanings of many ideals we encountered. We highly recommend Toshi as a guide for anyone wanting a truly authentic experience in Japan.


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