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Samantha Samantha United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Wonderful time with Yukiko! ”

We had such a lovely time making sushi with Yukiko! She was so friendly and welcoming. It was such a unique experience to make sushi with a Tokyo native in her own home. She was so patient with us as we tried for the first time to make hand-shaped sushi rolls. We truly enjoyed our time with Yukiko and would recommend the sushi making class to anyone who is traveling in Tokyo.


Thank you for a great review, Samantha! I really appreciated. We got fresh fish at a local super market and tried to make your own sushi! I'm glad that you could experience not only how to make hand-shaped sushi roll but also see how locals truly live. I hope you will bring back many memorable experiences!! Happy New Year to you! Domo Arigatou!!