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Anita Anita United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Fun filled, Find filled, Fact filled Food filled Day! ”

T-chan arrived at my hotel promptly in the morning to escort me on a memorable Tokyo adventure. Since this is my third trip in the last 6 months to Tokyo, I was looking for something adventuresome, personalized and off the beaten path! We began the day at the antique flea market held in Machida Tenmangu shrine. I was able to purchase two super cute kimonos as Christmas gifts for my two nieces. From there we explored Daiso which is Japan's version of America's Dollar General. Generically theses stores are called 100 yen stores. Then we blazed through the local supermarket, enjoying samples of food while we shopped for our sushi ingredients. I was also able to score two bags matcha green tea Kitkat bars to use as stocking stuffers for the kids back home. Next, T-chan made me feel welcome at her home then proceeded to teach me how to make sushi. Her well behaved dog Mame kept a watchful eye us as we made Futomaki(rolls), Temaki(hand roll), Inari (fried tofu wrap) and Chirashi. In addition to eating the sushi we made, this experience included tasting samples of Daiginjo sake and umeshu (apricot liquor), Maccha green tea and Wagashi (Japanese sweets, made from sweet red and white bean paste), "wa" means Japanese. Before returning to the train station for the ride home we took a stroll through Machida's quite streets, filled with lovely homes and natural areas. All through the day, T-chan was very attentive and took care to answer all of my questions regarding Japan's history and culture which I found to be very valuable. Thank you T-chan! This was a day well spent. I highly recommend you as a guide for anyone looking for a customized tour filled with attention to details.


Dear Anita Arigato, or thank you very much for your nice review and compliment of my dog!!! I hope you try to make sushi or sushi inspired rice salad at your home. Please have a pleasant trip around Tokyo with your husband and see you again! T-chan

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