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  • Shunsuke Private Guide


    Hello/Konnichiha, Welcome to the beautiful Ogasawara islands. I am your guide Shun. I've lived on Chichijima(the main island in the Ogasawara islands group)for the past 10 years. Prior to this I became a scuba diving instructor in 2006 and have worked Australia, Guam and Fiji before moving to Chi... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
  • Satoshi Private Guide


    Kon-nichi-wa ! My name is Satoshi. ("en français" suit après "en anglais") I'm a English/French speaking tour guide. I was born in Tokyo and grew up in many cities in Japan such as Sapporo, Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and Fukuoka with my family. I have been working for the banks in To... read more

    US$ 34 Hourly rate
  • Nobuko Private Guide


    I am Nobuko, English licensed tour guide. I’ve traveled around many countries like Philippine, China, Singapore, Thai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, England and America. I usually hired the local guide there especially when I visited the countryside, as I wanted to visit not only city but al... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • Hideaki Private Guide


    Hello, I'm a resident of Ebina, Kanagawa, and am a national government licensed guide and interpreter. I enjoy showing travelers the countryside of central Honshu, primarily Shizuoka, ranging from the beautiful Izu Peninsula, Shimoda, and the Port of Shimizu, to Kunozan Shrine and Ieyasu TOKUGAW... read more

    US$ 46 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 17 hours ago
  • Kozo Private Guide


    Hello! I'm Kozo. I'm currently living in Chiba, which is one of the biggest cities in Japan and located in the suburbs of Tokyo. So, I can guide you to the sightseeing spots in Tokyo and the suburbs, which include Asakusa, Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and more. In those places, you can experie... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 16 hours ago
  • Mariko Private Guide


    Hello there! I’m Mariko. I’m a licensed Tour Guide. I was born in Fukushima and that’s where I live now, but I also lived in Tokyo for more than 30 years. Before that, I lived in Germany for three years. I have worked for an American company, a French company and a Japanese company and I have m... read more

  • HARUO Private Guide


    I live in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. Until 2015 I had been teaching English at public high schools in Kanagawa for 37 years, and now I am teaching parttime. During that time, I had some experience of guiding students from overseas through sister-school relashionship around Tokyo and Kanagawa. ... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 2 days ago
  • Kozo Private Guide


    Hi, I am Kozo. Please call me Ko-Chan. I have worked for steel making company for approximately 40 years. I have a lot of experiences of overseas business trip to U.S.A, Australia,China,South East Asia,and stayed in Brazil from 2011 to 2013 for the purpose of starting new business with the partn... read more

    US$ 30 Hourly rate
  • Koichiro Private Guide


    Hello! I’m Koichiro Yamada. Please call me with my family name as “Yamada san” or just “Yamada” as the most typical Japanese way to call each other. I had been working for a machinery company as a project engineer and manager for mechanical and electrical projects both domestic and overseas for ov... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 4 hours ago
  • Masa Private Guide


    Hello! My name's Masa! I've been working as a certified tour guide in Japan since 2013. My years of guiding are not long, but I can be flexible to your needs and requests. My area of the guiding is Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama, Mt. Fuji, the Five lakes, Disney resort, Shopping malls...anywhere you ... read more

    US$ 90 Hourly rate
  • Nicholas Private Guide


    Hello, my name is Nick and I have been living in Japan since January 28, 2017. I am currently going to Japanese school to work on my Japanese language and I am also planning to give tours in Tokyo during my time away from school. I am 24 years old and have lived in New York for most of my life. read more

    US$ 9 Hourly rate
  • Joji Private Guide


    Hello! I am Joji. Please call me Bonjoji, because Bon Jovi is one of my favorite Rock music groups. I was born and raised in Kyoto until 19 years old. I studied English and graduated from University of South Carolina with Statistic major. During my work at a precision equipment company, I have ... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
  • Fumi Private Guide


    Born and bred in Tokyo I am still living in the suburbs of Tokyo. I spent several years in the U.S. and the UK and wanted to show international visitors around Japan in return for the hospitality I had received in foreign countries. After coming back from the UK, I obtained the qualification of th... read more

    US$ 27 Hourly rate
  • NAOYA Private Guide


    My Name is Naoya Usuda. I was born in Tokyo in 1952. After my graduation from Keio University, I joined a Japanese bank. Mainly I was assigned international business and stayed in London for three years. At the age of 52, I moved to a Japanese manufacturer company and had worked for 11 years.... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
  • Yoshi Private Guide


    My name is Yoshi. I’ve been living Tokyo area more than 40 years. I also lived in the US 6 years. Previously I was importing coffee system from the Netherlands. I have many friend in the US and in Europe. When they came to Japan, they enjoyed hanging out with me. I also enjoyed showing them my... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
  • Shoichi Private Guide


    Hi, I'm Shoichi. Please call me Sho! I was born in Hyogo prefecture, next to Osaka, but I have been living in Kanagawa prefecture for 54 years. The city where I live is located near by an old capital city Kamakura, the city of the first Samurai Government. I have taken many foreign tourists to Kam... read more

    US$ 46 Hourly rate
  • Mitsuaki Private Guide


    Hi Everyone, How are you? My name is Mitsuaki. Please call me MIKI. I am 66 years old. My hoby is a mountain trecking and a stream fishing. Why don't you enjoy travelling Tokyo and/or any other cities with me? I will be able to strongly support you while you are in Japan. As far as travel plans... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
  • HITOSHI Private Guide


    If Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo, what could have been the fate of the British Empire? The Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, is a decisive battle which changed the course of history in Japan. Tactically, the Battle of Sekigahara is also quite similar to the Battle of Waterloo, in that in the... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
  • Chipa Private Guide


    I am a 29 years old Bilingual half Zambian and half Japanese Adventure Tour Guide, Photographer and Videographer that has been living in Japan for the past 10 years. With a total experience of 4 years in the Hospitality Industry, Tourism Industry in Japan and awarded as the 2019 Tour Guide of the ... read more

    US$ 45 Hourly rate
  • Shunichi Private Guide


    Hello, I am Shunichi. I am a national licensed tour guide. I grew up in Kanagawa(Fujisawa, Kamakura area) and have been working for Electronic company in Chiba as sales engineer for overseas customers. I am interested in tour guide to introduce sightseeing spots such as historical structures, beaut... read more

    US$ 30 Hourly rate
  • Morisaki Private Guide


    Bienvenido a Japón,:)Soy un hombre nativo japonés a quien le gusta mucho español y cultura latina y idioma. Quisiera guiarlos a lugares no mucho conocidos relajante y menos bullicioso, aunque estoy disponible a ayudar los a hacer compras en grandes almacenes también. Con más soltura manejo inglés... read more

    US$ 15 Hourly rate
  • Kenta Private Guide


    Hello, this is Kenta (KEN), a licensed tourist guide in Japan. I have lived in Canada, Denmark and Singapore for total 5 years, which not only helping my English improved but develop my international mindset. I like Japanese history, especially in the period when Samurai ruled Japan, called ... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
  • Hisayoshi Private Guide


    Hello my future guests! I’m Hisayoshi, just call me “Yoshi”. I have been running a bar hopping tour in Shinjuku and have hosted more than 800 satisfied guests already. From my many experiences, I have always felt amazed and pleased to witness the guests' enthusiasm to understand Japanese culture.... read more

    US$ 90 Hourly rate
  • Teru Private Guide


    Hello. I've been serving more than four years as a guide in Tokyo. I'd be so happy if you could choose me as a friend of yours in Tokyo. Not limited to the downtown Tokyo, I am willing to take you to cities outside Tokyo, including Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Yokohama and Nikko. I will give you an example it... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
  • HIRO Private Guide


    Hi! I'm a travel, history and culture lover, and a Certified National Guide (English) of Japan. I've enjoyed tours with more than 1,000 clients from all over the world in this century. Let's thoroughly enjoy our beautiful country of Japan. I'm more than happy to help you optimize your tour in Japan ... read more

    US$ 55 Hourly rate
  • Yoshihiro Private Guide


    Hi, my name is Yoshi. I’m 55 years old and National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. Now, I live in Inagi-city, Tokyo. Before a guide, I have over 32 years experience of travel agencies. I’ve gone abroad as a tour leader for mainly Europe, middle and South America, middle and near East over... read more

    US$ 49 Hourly rate
  • Hiroshi Private Guide


    Hello! I am licenced tour guide Hiroshi Komori. Please call me Hiro freely. Tokyo is the most attractive city, where we can taste traditional Japan like Tsukiji or Asakusa succeeding from Edo (Tokyo’s old name) period, and also can enjoy the newest fashion and technology at Shibuya or Roppongi. ... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
  • Masao Private Guide


    Mein Name ist Masao, Spitzname Mao, bin Ihr Reiseführer. Da ich seit der Geburt immer in Tokio wohne, kenne ich diese fantastische Stadt ziemlich gut. Zu meinen Lieblingssehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt gehören Meiji-Jingu (der größte Schrein), Asakusa (Altstadt) und Kaiserpalast. Mein Hobby ist Fußball... read more

    US$ 44 Hourly rate
  • Tracy Private Guide


    Hello, I am Tazuko, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English. My first name is Tazuko that is hard to remember for visitors from abroad, so I would like to be called as Tracy (my middle name) . I lived abroad for 10 years including 9 years in the United States (California and... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
  • YUMI Private Guide


    Hello. My name is Yumi. I grew up in Nara, an ancient capital city, and now live in Tokyo with my family. I love to travel and enjoy meeting people. And I always appreciate hospitality extended to me. So, I would like to welcome you and show you around Japan. Are you interested in temples an... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate

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