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Yoshito Private Guide


I'm a Tokyoite. I was born and grew up in Meguro-ward in Tokyo. Shibuya area was my backyard and enjoyed going with my friends when I was young. So, I'm very familiar with the areas such as Shibuya, Meiji shrine and, Harajuku. I live in Setagaya-ward in Tokyo, so I stroll around in Shibuya, Harajuk... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
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YURI Private Guide


Hello, everyone! I am Yuri and am an English-speaking guide with the national guide license. I aim to be a friendly and informative guide. Have fun in Japan! Have great travel experience with me! I lived in Hyogo, Yokohama, Kyushu, Tokyo, Aomori, and Sapporo. I also like travel. I've been to S... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
Last Active: 10 hours ago
HIROSHI Private Guide


Hello, my name is Hiroshi. I am a National Government Licensed Tour Guide Interpreter in English. I have got a master's degree of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the U.S. I have been living in a city of Fujisawa, which is next city to Kamakura, for more than 2... read more

$ 23 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
HISAKO Private Guide


Hello! I'm Risako. Please call Risa. I'm a National licensed Tour Guide. I'm from Tokyo. Japan is a nation with high levels of technology,engineering and spiritual sites. Are you interested in spiritual sites?I will guide you to the places where you get energy. Fe... read more

$ 37 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Emiko Private Guide


Hello, I'm Emiko. Nice to meet you. I'm originally from Shinjuku, Tokyo, and lived there for about 40 years. Now I live in Yokohama with my husband (more 20 years). After my retirement I enjoy guiding very much for more five years and many times. I'm very happy to show you some wonderful spots in... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
Last Active: 22 hours ago
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Makoto Private Guide


Hello, I am Makoto, a national licensed guide for foreign visitors. I like traveling, and I have already traveled major sightseeing spots in Japan. I have been living Yokohama more than 50 years, and I have good knowledge about Yokohama, Kamakura and Enoshima . And I have guided many foreigners to t... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Masa Private Guide


Hello! My name's Masa! I've been working as a certified tour guide in Japan since 2013. My years of guiding are not long, but I can be flexible to your needs and requests. My area of the guiding is Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama, Mt. Fuji, the Five lakes, Disney resort, Shopping malls...anywhere you ... read more

$ 153 Hourly rate
Steve Private Guide


Hi ! All ! Please call me "Steve". It's my great pleasure to guide you Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto anywhere in Japan. I live very near in Tokyo, less than one hour Tokyo Station by train. I have worked for an electronics company for 35 years traveling over 25 countries. I stayed in Germany for 4 years. ... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 5 hours ago
Takashi Private Guide


Hi, I am Takashi Komiya. Please call me Tommy! I am a national licensed tour guide in English which I got in 2014. Since then I attended a volunteer group which is providing tours in Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace East Gardens that used to be Edo castle, Meiji Shrine and Asakusa etc. I was bor... read more

$ 30 Hourly rate
Naoko Private Guide


Hi. I am Naoko. I am an authrized interpreter and tour guide. I worked at Airline business and had visited many countries. I lived in Vancouver, Canada before. Japan is small country on a map but we have charactaristic and rich culture and many places to vist and many things to experience. I ... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Akemi Private Guide


Hi! I’m from Kagoshima in Kyushu and now have lived in Tokyo for 9 years. I specialize in Japanese traditional culture, like Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy. I also like to go and watch traditional Japanese stage performances, like kabuki, nohgaku and kyogen. I’m good at introducing you ... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
Shoji Private Guide


Before working as a Certified National Tour Guide, I had worked for seafood industry with experiences of visiting many countries, such as U.S.A, Canada, Norway, U.K., Holland, Poland, Russia, Chile, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and others…. As well as visiting many foreign countries, I al... read more

$ 46 Hourly rate
Hiroko Private Guide


Hi, I would be very happy to attend your precious tour in Japan! Feel free to contact me with your preferences about your travel, activities, etc, so that we can create your ideal tour ;) I love Japanese culture, especially food culture! We have a wide variety of very unique food; from fancy tr... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
SATOKO Private Guide


Hi! My name is Satoko. I’m a National Government Licensed Guide. I was born and grew up in Tokyo, and later lived in Shinjuku, so I know the area very well. I can show you around Tokyo’s Metropolitan City Hall, Samurai Museum, and shopping areas. In addition, I’m a cooking instructor, so I also know... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
Max Private Guide


My name is Max. I am pretty much a versatile tour guide. Especially, so called, experience tours such as mountain trekking, climbing, running and jogging. Also I know very well about Akihabara, I call this tour as "Otaku(Geek) Tour". The subjects of interest range from Computers(custom-made), elect... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Mariko Private Guide


Hello guests! Welcome to Japan and thank you for your coming our country. I'm Mariko, a local guide of English speaking, who were born and raised in Tokyo. I am very curious to know why you choose Japan as your trip destination this time :-) I have experienced to be a local guide for guests from ... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Yumi Private Guide


Hi, I'm Yumi. I'm a government-certified tour guide. I was born and grew up in Tokyo. I love cooking, traveling and camping. Before becoming a tour guide, I had worked at a Japanese subsidiary of a Canada-based global financial company for 17 years. There I collaborated with colleagues from more... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Takashi Private Guide


Hi! I'm Takashi. Please call me Takashi. I was born, studied and worked in Tokyo for nearly 50 years. I'm very familiar with many sightseeing spots and attractions of the city thanks to my long term life experience in this city. Tokyo is a fascinating and picturesquere city including modern an... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
Eizen Private Guide


Hello! Bonjour! I am EIZEN, a English/French/Japanese Guide-Interpreter. Let me help you find out irrestible charms of Japan, a mysterious country where the old traditional style and top-notch technology coexist !! Aven moi, on va trouver des charmes irrésistibles du Japon, un pays mystérieux ... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Chiba Private Guide


I have an experience of guiding for three years. My guiding is characterized by explaining Japanese history and culture compared with British history and culture. So, clients are able to easily and clearly tunderstand what is Japan. Clients may discover an amaizing new world by my guiding. My gu... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
Yoshinori Private Guide


Hello! firstly, thank you for your reading my profile. I passed the English guide test in 1968 and I enjoy the job for many years. It is a great pleasure for me to guide you to, for example, Meiji shrine, Takeshita street, Omotesando avenue, Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Tsukiji fish market, Roppongi hi... read more

$ 52 Hourly rate
Yuko Private Guide


Hello, my name is Yuko. I am a national certified tour guide. I love traveling abroad and I have learned a lot of things through these travels, in particular, the importance of local tour guides who helped me make my tour unforgettable. Now I would like to help you make wonderful memories of your t... read more

$ 35 Hourly rate
Masao Private Guide


Mein Name ist Masao, Spitzname Mao, bin Ihr Reiseführer. Da ich seit der Geburt immer in Tokio wohne, kenne ich diese fantastische Stadt ziemlich gut. Zu meinen Lieblingssehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt gehören Meiji-Jingu (der größte Schrein), Asakusa (Altstadt) und Kaiserpalast. Mein Hobby ist Fußball... read more

$ 44 Hourly rate
Hiroshi Private Guide


Hello! I am licenced tour guide Hiroshi Komori. Please call me Hiro freely. Tokyo is the most attractive city, where we can taste traditional Japan like Tsukiji or Asakusa succeeding from Edo (Tokyo’s old name) period, and also can enjoy the newest fashion and technology at Shibuya or Roppongi. ... read more

$ 37 Hourly rate
Akiko Private Guide


Hello!! I'm Akiko. I'm a National certified tour guide in English. I have lived in Tokyo for more than 10 years with my husband and son(12 year old). I'm interested in the culture of Edo(old Tokyo from 1603 to 1867), and I like Ukiyoe(Woodblock print). I like to talk with people. I'm excited ... read more

$ 37 Hourly rate
Shunichi Private Guide


Hello, I am Shunichi. I am a national licensed tour guide. I grew up in Kanagawa(Fujisawa, Kamakura area) and have been working for Electronic company in Chiba as sales engineer for overseas customers. I am interested in tour guide to introduce sightseeing spots such as historical structures, beaut... read more

$ 30 Hourly rate
Noriko Private Guide


Born and raised in Tokyo. The experience of livimg in the US made me enthusiastic to tell the Japanese traditional culture rightly to the people in the world. Especially tea, so called tea ceremony is my favorite. Acquired the licence of English-speaking tour guide in 2007, I have guided people f... read more

$ 43 Hourly rate
Nicholas Private Guide


Hello, my name is Nick and I have been living in Japan since January 28, 2017. I am currently going to Japanese school to work on my Japanese language and I am also planning to give tours in Tokyo during my time away from school. I am 24 years old and have lived in New York for most of my life. read more

$ 9 Hourly rate
Yasuho Private Guide


Hello every one. My name is Yasuho Suzuki, please call me Yasu for short. I was born in Nagoya city located between Tokyo and Osaka. Now I have been living in Yokohama city for about 30 years. I used to live in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan for 14 years and half in total on business b... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
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