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Yasuro Private Guide


Have experienced several tour guides including group tours. foreign independent tourists. and escorting tourists to/from airports etc. read more

$ 23 Hourly rate
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Yoshi Private Guide


Hi! I'm Yoshi. I am a National Government Licenced Guide Interpreter. Since I was born in Tokyo, near Asakusa, the famous tourist spot, and I now live in Yokohama, I am very familiar with many sightseeing spots and attractions of Tokyo and Kanagawa area. I used to live in California in the st... read more

$ 35 Hourly rate
Last Active: 16 hours ago
NORIKO Private Guide


Hello, my name is Noriko. I would like to introduce myself at first. I like to travel(both domestic and overseas). I have ever been to France, Canada, USA, Australia, Finland. I stayed in Canada for two years to study English. I can also speak French just a little bit. I devote my time t... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 14 hours ago
Chiara Private Guide


Chiara will be your local friend - She will offer you a tour that you feel as if you are hanging out with friends. If you are looking for a "not-touristic-tour" - a casual, relaxing and flexible one, Chiara is here. She will take you places that aren't listed on gu... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate
Last Active: 4 hours ago
Hitomi Private Guide


I’m Hitomi, a qualified National Guide of Japan. I was born and brought up in Tokyo. My favorite is going from one restaurant to another, sampling various kinds of food. If you need attractive information of eating, leave it up to me! I’m practicing Japanese tea ceremony for years. From beginners to... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
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Eizen Private Guide


Hello! Bonjour! I am EIZEN, a English/French/Japanese Guide-Interpreter. Let me help you find out irrestible charms of Japan, a mysterious country where the old traditional style and top-notch technology coexist !! Aven moi, on va trouver des charmes irrésistibles du Japon, un pays mystérieux ... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Seigo Private Guide


Hi. I’m Seigo. I am a licensed English guide interpreter and fluent in speaking both English and Chinese. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching sport games including baseball and football, traveling, and learning new languages. I think it would be great if my guests would... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Fuhito Private Guide


Hi, my name is Fuhito. I am the English tour guide in Kimono, who can take you to a wonderful trip around Japan! If you are expecting an extraordinary experience in Japan, I am the man you are looking for. You can choose your tour from popular site seeing spots to places off the beaten track. ... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate
Last Active: 20 hours ago
Yoko Private Guide


Hello! I was born in Shiga next to Kyoto and now live in Yokohama, which is located between Tokyo and Kamakura, with my family and two cats. My hobby is swimming, playing a piano and skiing. When l was a university student I went to US as a member of goodwill envoy and there I had got unforgettab... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate
Last Active: 2 days ago
Nobuko Private Guide


I am Nobuko, English licensed tour guide. I’ve traveled around many countries like China, Singapore, Thai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Italy, England and America. I usually hired the local guide there especially when I visited the countryside, as I wanted to visit not only city but also countryside. I neede... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate
Last Active: 22 hours ago
Kuniko Private Guide


Hi! I'm Kuniko, or please call me "Niko (Nikko)" for short. Through my over-a-quarter-century business career in Tokyo, I have walked around the city looking for something new, something interesting and also something traditional. Why don't you explore Tokyo with me? I love outdoor activities,... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Emiko Private Guide


Hello, I'm Emiko. Nice to meet you. I'm originally from Shinjuku, Tokyo, and lived there for about 40 years. Now I live in Yokohama with my husband (more 20 years). After my retirement I enjoy guiding very much for more five years and many times. I'm very happy to show you some wonderful spots in... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 3 hours ago
Mitsuru Private Guide


Hello I’m Mitsuru Mark Sakai. I was born in Hokkaido, the north part of Japan. Then I moved to Seattle, USA when I was a five years old kid and eventually lived there till I became eleven. It was then I started learning English, though it was the kid's English, and began to recognize resemblances... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
YURI Private Guide


Hello, everyone! I am Yuri and am an English-speaking guide with the national guide license. I aim to be a friendly and informative guide. Have fun in Japan! Have great travel experience with me! I lived in Hyogo, Yokohama, Kyushu, Tokyo, Aomori, and Sapporo. I also like travel. I've been to S... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 21 hours ago
Masa Private Guide


Hello! My name's Masa! I've been working as a certified tour guide in Japan since 2013. My years of guiding are not long, but I can be flexible to your needs and requests. My area of the guiding is Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama, Mt. Fuji, the Five lakes, Disney resort, Shopping malls...anywhere you ... read more

$ 152 Hourly rate
Naoko Private Guide


Hi. I am Naoko. I am an authrized interpreter and tour guide. I worked at Airline business and had visited many countries. I lived in Vancouver, Canada before. Japan is small country on a map but we have charactaristic and rich culture and many places to vist and many things to experience. I ... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 2 days ago
KYOKO Private Guide


Hello, my name is Kyoko. I am a National licensed tour guide. After graduating from college in the United States, I worked as an editor for an international in-flight magazine. It gave me the opportunity to travel to many countries, including Europe, America, Asia and Mid East, to gather research... read more

$ 29 Hourly rate
Last Active: 3 hours ago
Yoshito Private Guide


I'm a Tokyoite. I was born and grew up in Meguro-ward in Tokyo. I had been working for Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. for 38 years. I was in charge of the international marketing division of Sumitomo Bakelite. Then I worked for two more companies with my English ability. After retiring these companies... read more

$ 23 Hourly rate
Last Active: 5 hours ago
HISAKO Private Guide


Hello! I'm Risako. Please call Risa. I'm a National licensed Tour Guide. I'm from Tokyo. Japan is a nation with high levels of technology,engineering and spiritual sites. Are you interested in spiritual sites?I will guide you to the places where you get energy. Fe... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 17 hours ago
Yasuho Private Guide


Hello every one. My name is Yasuho Suzuki, please call me Yasu for short. I was born in Nagoya city located between Tokyo and Osaka. Now I have been living in Yokohama city for about 30 years. I used to live in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan for 14 years and half in total on business b... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Noriko Private Guide


Born and raised in Tokyo. The experience of livimg in the US made me enthusiastic to tell the Japanese traditional culture rightly to the people in the world. Especially tea, so called tea ceremony is my favorite. Acquired the licence of English-speaking tour guide in 2007, I have guided people f... read more

$ 43 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Shunichi Private Guide


Hello, I am Shunichi. I am a national licensed tour guide. I grew up in Kanagawa(Fujisawa, Kamakura area) and have been working for Electronic company in Chiba as sales engineer for overseas customers. I am interested in tour guide to introduce sightseeing spots such as historical structures, beaut... read more

$ 30 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Noriko Private Guide


Hello!! I'm Noriko Kawai. Please call me Noriko. I like travelling abroad very much, so I went to Australia to study English after college. I worked for a foreign company after coming back to Japan. I often visited some overseas countries with my husband and my children. Then I found the guide ... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Mari Private Guide


Hi! My name is Mari. I'm Licensed English Tour Guide. I live in Tokyo with my family(husband and son) I was born and brought up in central Tokyo. I used to live in Los Angeles (Gardena,Manhattan beach) for 3 years when I was little ,and 4 months in Paris while I was working. I used to work as a... read more

$ 33 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Shinya Private Guide


Hi, I am Shinya. I was born in Tokyo and brought up there. I am a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. I have lived in Tokyo for more than 40 years. I am a Tokyoite, so I can give you valuable information about interesting places which are not written on ordinary guide books, if you woul... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
YOSHI Private Guide


Hi! I am Yoshi. I am a professional certified tour guide (a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter). I was born in Kagoshima, located in the southern most of Kyushu Island, and now live in Tokyo. I worked for several Government offices for more than 30 years and then worked for an airport... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 19 hours ago
Macco Private Guide


Hello :) I am Macco, a licensed tour guide. Would you like to enjoy nice Japanese food...? Here I am! I love eating and traveling, so I call myself "EATraveler". I'd like you to experience "tasty (oishi)" Japan, so my tour will be full of nice food :) I was born and grew up in Osaka, and now I... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 17 hours ago
IKUMI Private Guide


Hi, I'm Ikumi, it means "smell good" :) I'm from Kobe and live in Tokyo now. After I graduated high school in Japan, went to an Uni in Hawaii and Ohio (go buck eyes!) majoring anthropology. My thesis was "Why Hello Kitty became big boom in the world." How the world has accepted Japanese pop c... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Makoto Private Guide


Hello, I am Makoto, a national licensed guide for foreign visitors. I like traveling, and I have already traveled major sightseeing spots in Japan. I have been living Yokohama more than 50 years, and I have good knowledge about Yokohama, Kamakura and Enoshima . And I have guided many foreigners to t... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Nao Private Guide


Hi! my friends call me Peachy since my family name means peach garden. You can call me so if you want. If you are interested in Japanese history, I can help you to know about it.Because I have studied Japanese history in the university. And I have trained Japanese martial arts especially sword fig... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
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