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Sumo Wrestlers Morning Training Watch

(1) Reviews

Our officially certified guide comes to meet you at your hotel and gives you basic guidance on how to properly watch a sumo practice at a sumo stable. read more

$ 206 up to 4 people

TOKYO Street Go Karting

Let's see TOKYO from a different and unique point of view, mixing top landmarks, including Imperial palace, Tokyo Station, Ginza, Akihabara, Uenopark, Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree and take original and ... read more

$ 118 per person

Robot Restaurant Discount Tickets with a free gift!

(3) Reviews

The 90 minute show interweaves robots, dancers and live music into an new style of performance that has been unseen until now and has grabbed the hearts of many toursts. This cannot be found anywhere ... read more

$ 59 per person

[Kendo] Genuine Samurai experience in Tokyo

(2) Reviews

What is Kendo experience? It is about swordsmanship, a traditional Japanese martial arts skill of the samurai, the path of the sword in Japan. The experience allows you to work with a kendo instructor... read more

$ 173 per person

Tokyo Sky: Private Helicopter Tour (70min) Mt Fuji

[70minutes] Helicopter tour in TOKYO~Mt.Fuji !! There is no better way to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Japan than from the sky! Fly over some of the most symbolic landscapes in Tokyo including Od... read more

$ 2,594 up to 3 people
Experience a Tea Ceremony & Japanese Garden

Experience a Tea Ceremony & Japanese Garden

(20) Reviews

In this tour you experience a tea ceremony in Japanese teahouse. And we visit Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, the Japanese garden created in 1629, designated as the Special Place of Scenic Beauty and Spe... read more

by Hiromi
$ 73 per person

YANAKA Private Walking tour & Soba buckwheat noodle making!!

(24) Reviews

Learn Soba buckwheat noodle making and try your own made Soba noodle. [The venue: Traditional Soba restaurant, ”やなか蕎麦YANAKA Soba” in YANAKA] 40 years experienced Soba chef, the restaurant’s owner s... read more

by Hiroki
$ 77 per person
Unique bar-hopping tour

Unique bar-hopping tour

(50) Reviews

Do you like to drink alcohol? Are you curious about Japanese unique bars which you can't find any other countries? Why don't you join my unique bar-hopping tour? There are two types of bars. One is s... read more

by Michiko
$ 137 up to 3 people

Japanese Culture Experience At Kahoko's Home

(167) Reviews

・Enjoy Traditional Boxed lunch or casual style sushi ,Temakizushi . ・Try Japanese Casual style Kimono ・Taste Japanese Green tea and Sweets ・Take a walk to the beautiful Japanese garden nearby In... read more

$ 109 per person

Tokyo Sky: Private Helicopter Tour (20min)

[20minutes] Helicopter tour in TOKYO!! There is no better way to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Tokyo than from the sky! Fly over some of the most symbolic landscapes in Tokyo including Odaiba, Rai... read more

$ 746 up to 3 people

Tokyo Sky: Private Helicopter Tour (10min)

[10minutes] Helicopter tour in TOKYO!! There is no better way to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Tokyo than from the sky! Fly over some of the most symbolic landscapes in Tokyo including Odaiba, R... read more

$ 455 up to 3 people

Japanese Traditional Music Show

Traditional Japanese music show. We invite you to the world of authentic Japanese instruments: Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi, and Taiko drums. Our finest Tokyo musicians prepared a special 1 hour program... read more

$ 36 per person


This TOUR offers you the craziest and most fun experience in Japan!! In this tour, you will dress up as a Ninja and go around spots which are not listed on guidebooks in Asakusa. You will feel special... read more

by Tomoi
$ 91 per person

Home visit, Sushi making & learning from locals in the suburbs.

(64) Reviews

Toshi's house is in the beautiful upper-middle class residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. First, we will shop ingredients for lunch at a local super market. After a short break over green tea, le... read more

$ 91 per person
Tea Ceremony Experience +Tokyo one day tour

Tea Ceremony Experience +Tokyo one day tour

(36) Reviews

This is a customized- seven -hour- tour including tea ceremony experience. During the tour, you will experience a formal tea ceremony for about one hour . The rest of the time is up to you. Please c... read more

by Keiko
$ 191 up to 4 people

Yukata (Casual Kimono) Wearing Lesson & Tea Ceremony Lesson

In this program you will have the unique chance to wear yukata (a light cotton kimono) with an obi (a sash) of your choice before attending Tea Ceremony. Assisted by the instructor, you will learn how... read more

$ 142 up to 4 people

Tsukiji Fish Market Walk ~ let's get into the world's largest market ~

See and feel a secret of the world largest fish market now to support a healthy food “Washoku”. Why “Washoku” a UNESCO Cultural Heritage is so healthy and delicious? It is because of its freshness. I... read more

$ 103 up to 4 people


(26) Reviews

There is a IZAKAYA in Japan. This is a Japanese style casual dining restaurant bar. You can enjoy all kinds of foods and drinks. The Izakaya's food menu has a wonderful variety from casual appetizer t... read more

by Masato
$ 109 up to 3 people

Experience Local Food and Drink at Izakaya

(32) Reviews

Looking for a guide to explore local food and drink? You came to the right place! In addition to being an English & Spanish guide, I am a certified Wine Sommelier and knowledgeable about Japanese Sak... read more

by Toshi
$ 146 up to 4 people

Geisha Banquet

Spend your evening at a teahouse in Tokyo and enjoy a dinner banquet while two highly trained geisha entertain you with a traditional dance and musical performance. Spend a leisurely 2-hour meal feast... read more

$ 350 up to 2 people

Excurtion of Japanese Savory Fruits Picking

(7) Reviews

In Chiba prefecture, easily accessible from Tokyo, there are many farms welcoming visitors for fuite picking. It's a very common leisrure among Japanese. Especially in autumn, season for Japanese spe... read more

by Noriko
$ 137 up to 6 people
Learn Japanese calligraphy and make your own unique calligraphic T-shirt in Tokyo

Learn Japanese calligraphy and make your own unique calligraphic T-shirt in Tokyo

In this lesson, you will learn about and experience writing calligraphy, a part of Japanese traditional culture. After trying the experience, you can take home your personal work of art(your name or... read more

by Emi
$ 69 per person

Noh experience at Tessenkai training facility in modern town Aoyama in Minato ward, Tokyo.

(2) Reviews

Enjoy experiencing Noh chanting and dancing on real Noh stage by professional Noh player's teaching in the modern building of Tessenkai which is located in Aoyama, Minato ward Tokyo. Tessenkai is an i... read more

by Yoshito
$ 218 up to 3 people

Eat Cute! Watch Cute! Buy Cute! Be Cute! (For 10 years of age or older)

(5) Reviews

On this tour you can enjoy cute and yummy Totoro cream puffs at a small cafe in Tokyo. We will also visit one of the most popular cat cafes in Tokyo. You can take photos of cats and spend time with... read more

by Chieko
$ 127 up to 4 people

Japanese Hanayome (bride) Experience

(1) Reviews

Why don’ you become a Japanese “Hanayome (bride)”? Just in 1 hour, you can be Japanese “Hanayome (bride)!,too” Only 46 USD. Your lifetime memorable photos included. Trial fitting + studio photo sessio... read more

$ 46 per person

RAKUGO & MANZAI : Experience Japanese Classic Entertainment in Tokyo (half day)

Amazingly, Japan is rich in culture and traditional forms of entertainment for 1000 years. Take a look at Rakugo & Manzai in a well-famous classic theater with an experienced English speaking guide.... read more

$ 273 up to 3 people

Sample soul food with a restaurateur

We’ll share a meal at my cozy, award-winning restaurant. Ochazuke, which translates to “submerged in tea,” is a 1,000-year-old cooking style that dates back to the Heian era. Typically, it's rice with... read more

by Yamaji
$ 89 up to 10 people

Be a Samurai[New open price $89→$64]

In order to let the world's guest know not the samurai on the movie and the story but the real "Samurai" I thought best to experience the guests themselves, I arranged armor! If you share cool photo... read more

by Koji
$ 64 per person

Bar hopping tour in Roppongi, Tokyo!

This activity is perfect for people who interested in trying something new in Tokyo, looking to meet new friends, traveling around and don't know the area, and just want to have fun and party! Everyo... read more

by andrew
$ 27 per person