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Japanese Culture Experience At Kahoko's Home

(97) Reviews

・Enjoy Traditional Boxed lunch or casual style sushi ,Temakizushi . ・Try Japanese Casual style Kimono ・Taste Japanese Green tea and Sweets ・Take a walk to the beautiful Japanese garden nearby In this course , you can enjoy various Japanese culture in an at-home atmosphere . As for lunch , you... read more

4h $ 113 per person


(7) Reviews

There is a IZAKAYA in Japan. This is a Japanese style casual dining restaurant bar. You can enjoy all kinds of foods and drinks. The Izakaya's food menu has a wonderful variety from casual appetizer to sashimi, sushi or steak. You can talk and laugh in a loud voice. read more

by Masato
2:30h $ 113 up to 3 people

Japanese Culture Experience-Sushi Lesson (2 hours)

(85) Reviews

In this course, you can enjoy learning how to make three different kinds of sushi. We will make sushi rolls, Nigiri zushi (hand shaped sushi) and Gunkan maki (Ship shaped sushi). After making your own sushi, it's time for eating your own sushi! We'll start from making the sushi vinegar and the sus... read more

2h $ 75 per person

Eat Cute! Watch Cute! Buy Cute! Be Cute! (For 10 years of age or older)

(5) Reviews

On this tour you can enjoy cute and yummy Totoro cream puffs at a small cafe in Tokyo. We will also visit one of the most popular cat cafes in Tokyo. You can take photos of cats and spend time with them for about one hour. After the cat cafe, we will walk to the station through Harmonica alley... read more

by Chieko
3:30h $ 132 up to 4 people
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Zen Buddhism Meditation & Tea Ceremony

(1) Reviews

In this tour you meditate at Zen temple early morning, eat fresh sushi breakfast around Tsukiji Fish Market and experience tea ceremony at tea house. read more

by Hiromi
4h $ 71 up to 4 people

Home visit, Sushi making & learning from locals in the suburbs.

(10) Reviews

Toshi's house is in the beautiful upper-middle class residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. First, we will shop ingredients for lunch at a local super market. After a short break over green tea, let's roll sushi and taste them. Select one activity from the list below; calligraphy, Ikebana,etc. In... read more

8h $ 94 per person

Experience a Tea Ceremony & Japanese Garden

(1) Reviews

In this tour you experience a tea ceremony in Japanese teahouse. And we visit Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, the Japanese garden created in 1629, designated as the Special Place of Scenic Beauty and Special Historic Site of the country by the Cultural Asset. read more

by Hiromi
3h $ 56 per person
Tokyo: Half-Day Private Walking Tour

Tokyo: Half-Day Private Walking Tour

(2) Reviews

Discover the charms of Tokyo and those essential places of the city that you can not miss. Temple and shrines, shops, less touristy neighborhoods, viewpoints and more. ・Private 4-hour tour in Tokyo (east side or west side) ・Have your tour be tailored to suit your interests. ・Visit some of the ... read more

by Eriko
4:30h $ 161 up to 4 people

Experience Local Food and Drink at Izakaya

(5) Reviews

Looking for a guide to explore local food and drink? You came to the right place! In addition to being an English & Spanish guide, I am a certified Wine Sommelier and knowledgeable about Japanese Sake. I can take you to traditional Japanese Izakaya style restaurants where you can enjoy variety of J... read more

4h $ 113 up to 4 people

Unique bar-hopping tour

(30) Reviews

Do you like to drink alcohol? Are you curious about Japanese unique bars which you can't find any other countries? Why don't you join my unique bar-hopping tour? There are two types of bars. One is small old bars, but feel comfortable and nostalgy of 50's. You can have a conversation with the loca... read more

by Michiko
4h $ 113 up to 5 people

Excurtion of Japanese Savory Fruits Picking

(2) Reviews

In Chiba prefecture, easily accessible from Tokyo, there are many farms welcoming visitors for fuite picking. It's a very common leisrure among Japanese. Especially in autumn, season for Japanese special big, crisp pear! Let's enjoy picking them by yourselves! On the way back to Tokyo, there are ... read more

by Noriko
6h $ 141 up to 6 people

Shinjuku Robot restaurant show ticket + Alice in the fantasy book themed restaurant dinner

To watch the most famous Robot show in Shinjuku and dine in the one of the most unique themed restaurant, Alice in the fantasy book. read more

by Poke
5h $ 113 per person

Shinjuku Robot restaurant E ticket + Shuttle bus pick up service

To watch Robot show in Shinjuku including Shuttle bus pick up from major stations! You cannot miss out the most high energy, futuristic, out-of-this-world show in Tokyo!!! read more

by Poke
2:30h $ 75 per person

Shinjuku Robot restaurant show ticket + KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU

To watch the most famous Robot show in Shinjuku and dine in the one of the most unique themed restaurant in Tokyo, KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU. read more

by Poke
4:30h $ 122 per person

Tsukiji fish market inner market and outter market private guided walking tour + Sushi brunch

Take a trip to the world's most famous fish market and enjoy the freshness sushi. No Japan trip is complete without a taste of the famous sushi from Tsukiji fish market. read more

by Poke
4h $ 122 per person

Kotori Bird Cafe in Omotesando

Visit an unique cafe in Omotensando, Tokyo. Animal cafe is a growing very popular in Japan. Relax with the cute little birds such as parrots, parakeets, sparrows and cockatoos! This cafe also has some really pretty and also delicious dessert!! Don't miss out! read more

by Poke
1h $ 18 per person

Shinjuku Robot restaurant E ticket with 3 drinks ticket + Shuttle bus pick up service

To watch the most famous Robot show in Shinjuku with 3 drinks and Shuttle bus pick up from major stations read more

by Poke
2:30h $ 94 per person

Airsoft battle in AKIHABARA+Equipment Rental Set

Airsoft battle! Survival Game in Akihabara, Tokyo! read more

by Poke
2:30h $ 49 per person

Bird café + Monster café Harajuku dinner

Visit an animal cafe in Omotensando, Tokyo and dine in one of the best themed restaurant Kawaii monster cafe to experience the unique Harajuku Kawaii culture. read more

by Poke
4h $ 56 per person

Be a NINJA! ~Explore Local Asakusa in NINJA Costume~ +Nina costume souvenir

You will be the NINJA, the Japanese secret agent. Every participant will put on the NINJA costume and explore local spots in Asakusa, the historical city. Asakusa has great temple and huge Japanese style gate and more. You will never forget this experience even you go back to your country! read more

by Poke
4:30h $ 188 per person

Dress in kimono enjoy an afternoon cruise

Dress up in Kimono and fully experience come Japanese culture Enjoy a afternoon cruise and the great view of Tokyo bay Take a walk at yokohama while wearing Kimono read more

by Poke
9h $ 99 per person

TSUKIJI Fish Market - Gastronomy Tour

TSUKIJI fish market will move to the TOYOSU waterfront district in the near future. Before the relocation, let's have an exclusive experience in this unique and the largest fish market in the world! *the outer market is for the public *wholesalers area is for professionals read more

by Rumi
2h $ 71 up to 4 people

Airport Meet&Greet + Japan Rail Pass exchange service

After touching down in Japan and making your way to the Arrivals hall of the airport, you're greeted by a friendly representative. This personal assistant helps you navigate the crowded lobby to the place where you can exchange your voucher for your Japan Rail Pass. If you encounter any issues, your... read more

by ASC
1:30h $ 93 up to 15 people
TOKYO Street Go Karting

TOKYO Street Go Karting

Let's see TOKYO from a different and unique point of view, mixing top landmarks, including Imperial palace, Tokyo Station, Ginza, Akihabara, Uenopark, Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree and take original and unforgettable photos! read more

3h $ 122 per person

“Matcha”&”Shodo“ Plan

You will be able to experience a traditional tea ceremony "Sado", and calligraphy “Shodo” . Sado is one of Japan's traditional cultural practices preparing tea for the guests. “Shodo” is the art of drawing characters with “Fude” and ”Sumi”. read more

by Gincul
1h $ 47 per person

Sushi Making Workshop nearby Tsukiji Fish Market

If you dream of sushi making, give it a try at its birthplace, Tsukiji! Japan's premiere Sushi School, Tokyo Sushi Academy, offers 90-minute intensive workshop in sushi making: instruction for 30 min, and all you can make and eat for next 60 minutes! read more

1:30h $ 61 per person

[cherry blossom☆price] Get a maximum divine favor! Enjoy the maximum divine graces from Shinto !

【Lecture】Learn the history of the Japanese and Shintoism (40 mins) 【Break】Seasonal Japanese confectionery (20 mins) 【Lecture】 Learn the divine favor of the shrine and the meanings of manners (40 mins) 【Experience】 Practice of the manners (40 mins) 【Traveling】Move to the shrine (10 mins) 【Pract... read more

by Hiroto
3:30h $ 113 per person
Enjoy the real Tokyo night life with a real Tokyoite! - Nakano Version☆Discount Price Promotion Now!

Enjoy the real Tokyo night life with a real Tokyoite! - Nakano Version☆Discount Price Promotion Now!

This time I recommend you a town of Nakano which has unique shopping mall called Nakano Broadway. Since 2012 it started gaining attention as a Holy place of subculture, Otaku(geek)culture, in home and abroad. Their contents is not same as the contents of Akihabara. And many small public bars are ga... read more

by Hina
2h $ 28 per person
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