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Hello , my future guests . My name is Kahoko . I live in Tokyo over 30 years with my family , one husband and two kids . I used to work in an airline as a cabin attendant . Naturally , I may have visited your countries myself as you do now . I c...

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$ 35.20
7 3 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 32.02


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Hello, I'm Yoko. I was born and brought up in Ashikaga, Tochigi prefecture (80 km north from Tokyo) and I've lived in Tokyo for more than 20 years. I love traveling, both overseas and inside Japan. After I visited other countries and saw many local ...

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$ 30.62
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Hello, I'm HIDEo YOSHIda. Please call me HIDEYOSHI, the same name as the famous shogun who built the Osaka Castle in 1585. I was born in Kobe and worked in Osaka for nearly 40 years. I would like to introduce the Kansai region to you ,including ...

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$ 33.00
41 4 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 31.98


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I was born in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. I graduated from the local high school, and decided to study in the U.S.A. I graduated from the Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and earned a Bachelor of Art in Geography. I love music and socc...

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$ 30.80
5 1 day English ( License ) ‎$ 18.57


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Hi, I'm Kazue (car-zoo-A). Thanks so much for viewing my profile! I'm a native eastern Japanese, born in Kawaguchi City, Saitama (just north to Tokyo) and spent most of my student and working time in central Tokyo. So I'm able to show you attracti...

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$ 41.80
5 7 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 41.80
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