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Private Nikko Tour

(52) Reviews

This tour is featuring exciting visits to the Unesco World Cultural Heritage properties in Nikko. Nikko used to be serene mountain worshippers' trainning place in the ancient period until Tokugawa go... read more

1 day $ 312 up to 4 people

One Day Trip to Nikko – Visiting Wonderful Shrines and Temples

(6) Reviews

Nikko is located about 125 kilometers north of Tokyo and makes a good one-day trip from Tokyo. It will take about two hours from Tokyo with a limited express. It is a home to world heritage sites inc... read more

by Takeshi
8h $ 271 up to 6 people

True Nikko Tour enjoying Lake Chuzenji and Toshogu Shrine

(1) Reviews

Nikko is blessed with natural beauty as well as historical and religious sites. Located in the distance of just two hours train-ride from Tokyo, it's a good place for one-day excursion. In this tour... read more

by Toru
11h $ 205
Ashikaga flower park and historical sites, Tochigi.

Ashikaga flower park and historical sites, Tochigi.

Visiting Ashikaga flower park. Visiting Ashikaga school, Bannaji temple and Orihime shrine. read more

by Nao
6h $ 231 up to 5 people

Walking in Nikko with Minako (by train)

(1) Reviews

In Japan, it could be crowded on Sunday. But Japanese trains are punctual. Why don’t you go to Nikko with me by train? You can enjoy historical sites in Nikko. Do you have some knowledge on Japa... read more

8h $ 249 up to 5 people
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Nikko one day tour

(42) Reviews

Nikko is one of the World Cultural Heritage sites, and it boasts of magnificent shrine, Toshogu, different from other simple color shrines and temples in Japan. In addition to historical spots, natur... read more

1 day $ 249 up to 6 people

Breathtaking Illuminated Flower-viewing at Ashikaga Flower Park

(2) Reviews

Ashikaga Flower Park is decorated with beautiful flowers all through the year. It features 'the most beautiful wisteria in the world' which starts to bloom from mid April and fascinates people for abo... read more

by Yoshie
8h $ 267 up to 6 people

Pottery Village Mashiko (Hamada Shoji's ware) Museum, Cafe and Laughing King of Hell Statue.

(20) Reviews

We visit Mashiko village outskirt of Utsunomiya, capital of Tochigi prefecture. Making Mashiko famous is Hamada Shoji after he moved to Mashiko. Mashiko ware was for daily use ceramics like pots, pl... read more

by Jack
7h $ 263 up to 4 people

Nasu Heisei-no-mori Forest walk and Nasu Highland

(20) Reviews

We go to Nasu by motorway and stop at Sesshoseki (Killing stone) and then to Nasu Heisei-no-mori Forest. We walk there around a couple of hours and have lunch. There is no restaurant in that area s... read more

by Jack
8h $ 263 up to 4 people

One day trip to Ashikaga - Ashikaga Flower Park

(57) Reviews

Ashikaga is located 80km north From Tokyo. The city has a lovely atmosphere with a lot of tourist attractions for relaxing. From Asakusa station we'll take an express train and enjoy 1 hour 15 minut... read more

by Yoko
10h $ 267 up to 5 people

Walking Tour of Tochigi -Tour the Beautiful Country Side -

(2) Reviews

Have you ever heard of the city of Tochigi? Probably not. Many of you've probably never heard of that name before. It's a small but beautiful city located in the southern part of Tochigi Prefecture. ... read more

by Makoto
6h $ 49 per person

Private Tour in Tochigi

Chat with a local tour guide who will create the best plan for you, according to your preferences.
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