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Hourly from:
$ 28
per group

Private Tour to Shirakawago World Heritage Historical Village

(1) Reviews

  • Shirakawago Village Viewpoint
  • Gassyo-Style House (Kanda House or Nagas...
  • ONSEN Hot Spring (optional) in Shirakawa...
  • Shops in Takayama (optional, depending o...
  • Recommended restaurant (for lunch/dinner...
by Junichi
$ 270
per group ( up to 16 )

Takayama (Little Kyoto)

(35) Reviews

  • Takayama Jinya
  • Kami-Sannomochi-Avenue ( old street line...
  • Yatai Floats Museum
by Hideo
$ 270
per group ( up to 30 )

Be a man of religion in Japan with spiritual inspirations of ZEN,...

(1) Reviews

  • Zen temple in Takayama
  • Higashiyama temple walking area in Takay...
  • Hie Shrine
  • Sukyo Mahikari Headquarter building
by Junichi
$ 54
per person

Enjoy the mystery of the underground world: Hida Great Limestone ...

(1) Reviews

  • Hida Great Limestone Cave
  • Senkoji Temple (63 wooden Buddha statues...
  • Zenkoji Temple (for Kaidan Tour)
by Junichi
$ 59
per person

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