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Tereza Tereza Australia ( Friends )
10 months ago

“ Amazing tour with Yuriko! Let's go again! ”

Wish we had more days with Yuriko! She is a very nice lady, extremely polite and very good in taking us around Takayama and Shirakawa Village. She is very knowledgeable and even before the tour began she was suggesting all these places for us to visit and she accommodated to our wishes. She talked non-stop (in a good way) because she has a lot to say about her city and we had a lot of fun with her. A lot of chatting and laughter while we were going from Point A to Point B. She knows everything there is to know and I highly recommend Yuriko when you visit Takayama and Shirakawago. Thank you so very much Yuriko! And thank you for all your suggestions throughout the rest of our time in Japan.


Dear Tereza, Thank you very much for praising me a lot. I really appreciate your kind words. I also had a wonderful time with you and your nice friends. In Japan, there are other lots of places to visit. So please come again. I am very looking forward to seeing you again and guiding you some other places. I wish you great happiness, thank you very much again to have a great chance to me. Sincerely yours, Yuriko

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Local classic train-ride and silk-screen printing experience...

(17) Reviews
by Yuriko
9:30a.m. Gifu Station /10:30a.m. Mino-Ota JR Station/12:20p.m. Gujo-Hachiman Station(enjoy lunch box while seeing beautiful scenery from the train) /1:00~...
8:30h US$ 232 up to 6 people

Enjoy sightseeing in Nagoya on route bus

(17) Reviews
by Yuriko
9:30a.m. Nagoya Station / 10:00a.m. Folding fun making / 12:00~2:00p.m.Nagoya Castle(enjoy lunch and Nagoya Castle) / 2:30p.m.~3:30p.m. Tokugawa-En Garden(...
8h US$ 185 up to 6 people

Golden walking tour in Gifu

(17) Reviews
by Yuriko
9:00 Gifu JR Station and Golden Nobunaga Statue / 9:30 Golden Gate Shrine / 10:00 Coffee brake in a cozy Japanese shop / 10:30 Japanese old lantern shop / ...
4:30h US$ 139 up to 6 people

Let's enjoy early morning Kyoto and maiko experience

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by Yuriko
7:30am Kyoto Station/ 8:30 Arashiyama(enjoy quiet bamboo grove and old shrine)/ 9:00 coffee break in an old Japanese house/ 9:30 Tenryuji Temple(one of the...
6h US$ 232 up to 6 people