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Judith Judith Singapore ( Solo )
2 years ago

“ The best kinds of tours are ones with local guides! ”

Mika met me in the lobby of my ryokan and I was immediately taken by her cheerful disposition and great command of English. She took me on a stroll around Takayama and showed me all the local spots and introduced me to her friends we met along the way. Mika is very knowledgeable about the area and brought me to Sanmachi where I managed to get amazing shots of the area without anyone else in it due to our early start. (the best ever!) Mika also obliged my selfish request of taking me to temples and shrines to obtain goshuins, and along the way taught me how to identify shrines from temples. Shortly after we moved on to Shirakawa-go where she brought me to what she personally felt was the best soba restaurant in Shirakawa-go. (I felt so spoiled!) Mika's a wealth of knowledge and she answered all my questions and showed me around every bit of Shirakawa-go. I know if I had gone there on my own I would never have been able to experience the area in its entirety. Mika explained to me the history of Shirakawa-go and the little tidbits like how the locals have to change the roofing every 30 years. We were lucky enough to see that unfold in front of us too! I don't think the other tourists knew how privileged they were to witness it! Mika was also very knowledgeable about the Takayama festival and explained to me the schedule of the day, and any questions she could not answer she was sure to find out. Before we left each other, Mika also shared with me her personal recommendations for restaurants in Takayama for dinner. Thanks to her I was able to enjoy the best rice in Japan, home grown in Takayama! Thank you Mika, for the best tour I've had. I feel that I've truly made a friend in Takayama today and look forward to meeting you again! :)

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Takayama and Shirakawa-go private full day tour

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