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Hello!My name is Chinami. I have a national licence as a tour guide. I know well not only the nature of Mt Fuji area, but also history of Mt Fuji as a world cultural heritage site.I like to talk with people from all aver the world.So I want to have great time with you and enjoy local meals, wine... read more

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Setsuko Private Guide


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Hello, I'm Setsuko! I was born in Shizuoka, home of Mt. Fuji, and have lived here all my life. It is a very attractive local city located in the middle of Japan. It takes about only one hour from here to Tokyo by the super express Shinkansen. I’d like to introduce you to some historical places rela... read more

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I am a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter living in Yamanashi Prefecture. My name is Yuji. The area of Mt. Fuji is actually part of Yamanashi Prefecture. Tourists to Mt. Fuji area are not necessarily aware of that. Mt. Fuji as the highest mountain in Japan is on the border of Yamanashi... read more

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Welcome to Shizuoka in the central area of Japan. I was born in Hakone , Kanagawa Pref. and grew up in Izu Peninsula, also studied English in Kanagawa University in Yokohama. After graduation, I have traveled a lot of countries such as Europe, U,S.,Asia and lived in Australia for a year. I ha... read more

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Kunio Private Guide


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I usually play tennis with my friends every weekend and am tough enough to take you around everywhere you would like to visit in Tokyo area. I've studied at the university and worked for the company located in Tokyo total over 40 years, and so I know main popular sightseeing spots and fantastic sp... read more

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MINAKO Private Guide


Hi! This is Minako. I’d like to walk with you in Japan. I’m a licensed English guide and English teacher at the private girls’ high school. I usually teach at school 3 days a week, but as you know, teachers have longer vacation! Now I’m in the spring vacation, so you can find me easily. Japa... read more

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Fumie Private Guide


I am Fumie, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in Atami, Shizuoka, only 50 minutes away from Tokyo by Shinkansen trains. Atami is conveniently located at the foot of the Hakone mountains, and the base of the Izu Peninsula. It is also close to Mt. Fuji and the Shimizu Port in Shiz... read more

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Koji Private Guide


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Since 2007 I have been an English-speaking tour guide, visiting most of the major sightseeing spots in Japan with international travelers. At the same time I have been working as an translator, mainly dealing with technical documents. Shizuoka prefecture has a number of spots for sightseeing, but ... read more

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Hi, I’m Mariko. I’m a national certified English and German tour guide. I was born in Gotemba, foot of Mt. Fuji and Hakone. I have been living in Tokyo more than 15 years, so I could say that I know Tokyo like the palm of my hand. I love showing visitors the best this city has to offer. With me yo... read more

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Hiroyo Private Guide


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Hello, I’m Hiroyo. I was born and brought up in Shizuoka. After living in Tokyo and in England, eventually I came back to Shizuoka. It is really a good place to live. I have been interested in Japanese traditional culture. I used to be in a Kendo(Japanese fencing) club and a Japanese flower arra... read more

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Hiroko Private Guide


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Greeting from Izu ,shizuoka prefecture, a city just 1.5 hours from Tokyo. I am Hiroko Inamura, a national licensed tour guide. I was born in Numazu and live in Nirayama, located at north part of Izu Peninsula, surrounded by beautiful seas and mountains, and at the top of it all, Mt.Fuji: a truly lo... read more

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Taiji Private Guide


Bonjour je m’appelle Taiji Endo. Je suis un guide interprète licencié par l’état japonais. Je me présente un peu. Avant mon retour au Japon pour passer à la fac, j’avais vécu 16 ans à Paris. C’est-à-dire que j’ai passé une grande partie de mon adolescence en France. Je vis au Japon depuis et cel... read more

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Hello, I'm Yumiko, nationally certified English-speaking tour guide. I live in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is next to Tokyo and the home of Mt. Fuji. I myself love to travel, find something interesting, eat local good food, and have wonderful experience!! I'd like to make your tour enjoyable and ... read more

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IZUMI Private Guide


My name is Izumi. I like traveling in foreign countries. When I try to make plans for my trip, I am always in trouble. I read travel guide books, and try to find the best place for me to visit in the limited time. However there are some many places to go. It's very difficult for me to choose ... read more

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My domicile profile in Australia: 1965~70 &1981~86. I have been to USA, Brasil、India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,U.K., France, Italy. Occupation Career: (1) Japanese trading firm till 52 yrs. old (2)Australian NSW Gov't Insurance Office-Tokyo(6yrs.) (3) Canadian Company in Tok... read more

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