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Oigawa Railway.
Board a nostalgic steam locomotive and enjoy the scenery along the Oi River
Air Park (Japan Air Self-Defense Force Hamamatsu Public Information Building).
An interactive theme park that everyone of all ages can enjoy for free
A reminder from Higashi-Izu of an early visit of spring
Shimizu Sushi Museum.
A theme park to eat and learn about sushi so that you can become an expert
Grinpia Makinohara.
One of Japan’s largest tea farms where you can wear old-fashioned uniforms to pick tea leaves
Jogasaki (Hashidate) Suspension Bridge.
A thrilling 60m-long suspension bridge spanning soaring Pacific cliffs!
Old Amagi Tunnel.
The stone tunnel made famous as the setting for Nobel Prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata’s “The Dancing Girl of Izu”
Shuzen-ji Onsen .
The very famous onsen village that has been called the Little Kyoto of Izu which boasts a history of over 1200 years
MOA Museum of Art.
Valuable art works centering upon East Asian art from countries such as Japan and China are on display
Shuzen-ji Niji-no-Sato (Rainbow Village).
A theme park where different generations can enjoy features such as the SL train which is popular with the kids against the backdrop of the four seasons
Hie Shrine.
Popular as a power spot, giant trees such as the Kodakara-no-Sugi thrive
Joren-no-Taki Waterfall.
A famous waterfall representing Izu which has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Great Waterfalls
Shuzen-ji Temple.
An ancient temple associated with Yoriie Minamoto which gave rise to the name for Shuzen-ji Onsen
A sutra library donated to Shuzen-ji Temple by Masako Hojo, the mother of Yoriie Minamoto, who had been assassinated. The library was built so that Hojo could pray for the repose of her son’s soul
Shuzen-ji Temple, Okunoin .
The place of practice for Kobo Daishi, it is also a power spot for those in the know
Perry Road.
A road named after Commodore Perry who triggered the opening of Japan
Ryugukutsu Cave.
The heart-shaped hole at the top is mysterious! A sea cave created by nature
Toji Sand Ski Area.
Slide down a sloping 30-degree sand beach at this thrilling attraction!
Nesugatayama Nature Park.
Admire the spectacular view of the ocean and mountains from the observation point! Also popular as a power spot for love


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