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Mark Mark United States ( Solo )
2 months ago

“ Shimane tour ”

I enjoyed two and a half days of customized tours with Ritsuko visiting multiple temples, shrines, caves, rivers coastline and waterfalls around the Izumo and Matsue regions. The days were very well organized and more than fulfilled my wishes to visit sacred places in Shimane. I’m grateful to Ritsuko for her easy and informative companionship and for ensuring a very happy few days stay.


Dear Mark, I'm so happy with your nice review.Thank you so much again for visiting here. You inspired me a lot with profound understanding and respect for different cultures. Each spot was memorable for me too but I will always remember the freshness and coldness of the water you got from the waterfalls. It was a great pleasure to be able to complete the year 2019 with an amazing guest. I hope you keep exploring Japan I'd like to share your views and ideas again. Ritsuko

Private Tours

Spiritual Tour in Izumo

(3) Reviews
by Ritsuko
This is a short walking tour around Izumo Grand Shrine, which is one of the most sacred and important shrines in Japan. At Hinomisaki, you can enjoy the s...
4:30h US$ 234 up to 5 people

Matsue Castle and Sightseeing Boat Tour

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by Ritsuko
This is a historic walking and boat tour around Matsue Castle. You can experience the nostalgic atmosphere of Matsue with 400-year-old Matsue Castle and S...
5:30h US$ 270 up to 5 people

Trip around Izumo Grand Shrine

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by Ritsuko
Izumo has been known as home of gods since ancient times. We visit old shrines that enshrines the most important deities in Japan. Then you'll enjoy the sc...
6h US$ 315 up to 5 people

Trip around Adachi Museum of Art

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by Ritsuko
Are you interested in beauty in Japan? Then why don't you choose this tour? You will enjoy natural beauty in Shimane with wonderful arts and gardens in the...
8h US$ 433 up to 5 people

A World Heritage Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Walking Tour

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by Ritsuko
A whole day walking tour in old Omori town with silver mine shafts: UNESCO World Heritage Site. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine produced 1/3 of the world producti...
9h US$ 451 up to 6 people