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Don’t waste your time trying to find tours to suit your requirements. Guides will create a customized itinerary just for you.

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Itinerary suggestions from our community of professional licensed guides will be sent based on your requirements. You can choose a suggested itinerary or edit it in order to make the most of your trip to Japan.

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Licensed guides are professionals approved by the Japan Tourism Agency. They have passed tough examinations, and are highly knowledgeable about the history and places that are featured in their tours.

With a private tour you can have:

Food & Drinks

You can choose your lunch or dinner according to your tastes, or ask the guides for recommendations on the meals and drinks in Japan.


Our guides can help you buy what you want in Japan, taking you to famous clothes, electronics, and souvenir shops.


If you want to try wear a kimono, see a Sumo fight, participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, etc., our guides can prepare activities for you.


You can coordinate the meeting point with your guide, whether it’s at the lobby of your hotel or somewhere in the city. And you can also choose where you end the tour.


Where do you want to go? Which places do you want to visit? Our guides will propose an optimal itinerary for you and the people you are traveling with.


Our guides can answer any questions you may have about your trip to Japan. Whether it’s about transportation, visas, prices, or the weather, don’t hesitate to ask them!

Customer Reviews for Shiga Tours

    Hugh ( Australia )

    Yumiko introduced us to the sights and sounds of Kyoto. She was kind enough to explain the efficient Japanese train system as we were guided through both East and West Kyoto. Her knowledge of the history of the city, it’s shrines and temples was exceptional. The ease with which Yumiko moved us from train to walking to buses and when appropriate taxis seemed effortless and we were able to see a combination of 8 shrines and temples in kyoto including the sensational gold and silver temples. Yumiko... view more

    Ian ( Australia )

    Koichi was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the local areas we visited. The tour was faultless throughout and was the realisation of a dream come true for me. During our tour we had a brilliant lunch suggested to us by Koichi and we visited several places which were not on our original plan, but made the day even more enjoyable. A super highlight was when Koichi suggested we stop at a local supermarket where he purchased a bottle of his favourite local sake for us to sample. Yum!!... view more

    Lei ( United Kingdom )

    Amazing tour with Mana, she is very kind and very patient, so happy for my experience. will differently book again and re-comment to all my friends. . view more

    Alex ( United States )

    Mana is an excellent tour guide! She showed me many different places as well as explained facts behind the sights we visited. Mana also helped me find the places I wanted to go and then some! I didn't want to try and find places by myself as I never been to this area before and I didn't have much time. Mana helped keep my trip stress free by doing that. I cannot speak Japanese and Mana helped me communicate with others which I found invaluable. She is fluent in English and it was like having a f... view more

    Alice ( Austria )

    Toshiyos tea ceremony and calligraphy program allowed us to get to know the Japanese tradition as well as a bit of Japanese everyday life. It was a wonderful experience that we would not have gained without her and her friend. The afternoon was a special highlight of our 2 week stay in Kyoto and surroundings. If we go back to Kyoto, we will certainly book one of her other tours. She has extensive knowledge, good humor and an exceptionally sophisticated and elegant appearance. Japan at its best! ... view more

    Thao ( Australia )

    I don't normally write review but this time I feel compelled to write that I am glad that I asked Hiroshi to be our guide and to plan a trip for us outside Kyoto city. Our trip was to see Shirahige Shrine, Mt Hieizan, Enryakuji temple and several temple complexes in Mt Hiei. When we arrived, the temple complex was completely covered in snow, undeterred Hiroshi took us literally step by step to see each temple. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful so we stopped frequently to take photos an... view more

    Umberto ( Italy )

    I booked the guide for a friend of mine and his family. They told me she was a wonderful guide. view more