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Enjoyment of Bonsai sightseeing and Kawagoe Koedo tour spots one day trip in Saitama

Enjoyment of Bonsai sightseeing and Kawagoe Koedo tour spots one day trip in Saitama

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This tour include Omiya Bonsai museum & village where several types of Bonsai are displayed in both inside the museum & outside garden and Kawagoe tour spots with nostalgic atmosphere of ancient Edo-Era such as Kura-machi street , Kawagoe-castle and Hikawa-Shrines which are both located in Saitama. ... read more

1 day $ 282 up to 6 people

Kawagoe Town Walking Tour

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Visit Koedo Kawagoe, or little Edo. Kawagoe is small town that you can walk around. You will find not only traditional Edo style houses, but also remains of Edo period, as well as Meiji, Tisho and Showa periods. You would feel as if you slip back in time!! We will walk the town either... read more

by Sachimi
8h $ 263 up to 4 people

For Children and Railway fans ! Tour to The Railway Museum

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The Railway Museum in Omiya city (about one hour by train from Tokyo) is a very popular for children and railways fans in Japan. It's a wonderful facility to enjoy the exhibitions of many formerly actually used trains in Japan. read more

5h $ 113 up to 12 people

Visit to Bonsai Village in Saitama

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As I am living in a walk distance from Bonsai Village, I can guide you very effectively. Bonsai Village is located In Saitama City. It takes about one hour from the center of Tokyo by rail. At present day, there are five nurseries of Bonsai and The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum. Each of the nurseries ha... read more

by YO
3:30h $ 113 up to 6 people
1,000 Sakura with Hanami Picnic in Saitama

1,000 Sakura with Hanami Picnic in Saitama

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I'd like to take you to my absolute favorite spot to view Sakura located just outside of Tokyo. I personally take my mom to this incredibly beautiful place every spring. When it's in full bloom on a sunny spring day, It almost moves me to tears and it feels like I'm in la-la land. read more

by Eriko
8h $ 338 up to 4 people

Train & Bonsai museum in Saitama

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We visit two museums in Saitama prefecture(train museum and bonsai museum). First, visit train museum in the morning ,after ,visit bonsai museum in the afternoon. It takes about one hour from the central part of Tokyo to the two museums . start:9:00am your hotel finish:6:00pm your hote... read more

9h $ 254 up to 6 people

Bonsai village & Neighboring Optional Tour [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Omiya Park]

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After meeting at your hotel - by train - arriving at Omiya station at 9:30 am - a 20 minute walking - Hikawa Shrine(famous and high-class) - a 20 minute walking - Omiya Bonsai village: Bonsai Specialty shops, Bonsai Art Museum - by train - Optional one: The Railway Museum or Kawagoe(old castle town)... read more

8:30h $ 244 up to 5 people

KAWAGOE: A traditional Japan Tour

(7) Reviews

Kawagoe will give you wonderful experience of the traditional Japan which you can't see in Tokyo. Only about one-hour ride from Shinjuku ! The old storehouse merchant houses are lined up, and the Toki-no-Kane (Bell Tower), a symbol of Kawagoe, welcomes you to ring four times a day. Let’s take a stro... read more

by Yumi
7h $ 188 up to 2 people

A good old town of Kawagoe, called little Edo

(90) Reviews

If you want to visit somewhere remains good old days of Japan, Kawagoe is the place to go. This local town is called little Edo as there are many houses restored as they were in Edo period and it has been very popular among Japanese. You can visit many traditional temples and shrines and it will b... read more

by Yuki
8:30h $ 226 up to 5 people

Kawagoe has historic atmosphere and bueatiful Nature. Good location for one-day trip from Tokyo.

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The town is often called 'Ko-edo', or little Edo. Amazing! It's not little Tokyo but Edo. There are a commercial district and a feudal load's palace from the 19th century. There is a noble temple called 'Kitain' from the 9th century. Lots of old cherry trees are still remained that we've lost in Tok... read more

by Junichi
7h $ 235 up to 8 people

Amusement Town Koedo Kawagoe !

Enjoy your half day or full day in Koedo Kawagoe which has Edo period atmosphere. It's just 30 minutes away from Tokyo by train. read more

by Katie
3h $ 103 up to 3 people

Hikawa Shrine & Omiya Bonsai Village

(10) Reviews

Let's visit Saitama City (approx. one hour train ride from Tokyo Station) to see the one of the most famous shrines around Tokyo and explore the world renowned Bonsai Village! 1) Hikawa Shrine Founded about 2,400 years ago, it's "Chokusai-sha", a special shrine whose rituals are attended by an ... read more

by Kazue
4h $ 188 up to 4 people

Bonsai Village Walk!!

(2) Reviews

"Bonsai" is very famous as one of the forms of Japanese arts, pruning and designing small trees . Have you ever seen it before? On this tour, I'll take you on a walk through the Bonsai Village, which is located in Omiya , in Saitama Prefecture (an hour away from Tokyo). At the Bonsai Village you ... read more

by Makoto
3h $ 42 per person

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