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Asher Asher Guam
1 week ago

“ Fantastic! Made the day so much better. ”

I brought my company to Japan for a summit involving many other businesses. Ai was my translator on the first day. Everything was so hectic, because it was our first time, but not only did Ai make communication easy, she helped problem solve all of our issues throughout the day. In the end, it was an easy event despite the confusing start. Thank you, Ai!!


Thank you so much for the quick review for me, Asher. The event was very interesting and I also enjoyed with cute characters a lot. You are very brave because I think doing new thing especially in other countries is very challenging. I believe the seeds you sowed this weekend will germinate and bloom in the near future🌱Thank you for choosing me as one of your supporters. I’m looking forward to working for you again. Ai

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⭐️Tokyo 1-day Sightseeing tour with Ai⭐️

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by Ai
Best tour to discover the highlights of Tokyo. You can also arrange your destinations if there are some places you would like to visit.
7h US$ 262 up to 9 people

Kamakura One day highlight tour with Ai

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by Ai
We visit hilight spots in Kamakura.
8h US$ 347 up to 5 people

Hiking tour in Kamakura with Ai☆

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Kamakura is a historical cityin Kanagawa prefecture which is known as “ the Kyoto of Kanto region”. It’s a very popular tourist destination. Kamakura attra...
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