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Kawagoe, Town of Historical Storehouses, including soy sauc...

(41) Reviews
by Akira.S
Kawagoe is located in Saitama Prefecture, next to Tokyo. It takes about an hour from Tokyo. It used to be a tradesmen's town. There was a big fire in 189...
6h $ 216 up to 4 people

A good old town of Kawagoe, called little Edo

(245) Reviews
by Yuki
If you want to visit somewhere remains good old days of Japan, Kawagoe is the place to go. This local town is called little Edo as there are many houses r...
8:30h $ 257 up to 5 people

Getting a taste of Saitama

(21) Reviews
How about getting a taste of Saitama located next to Tokyo on your vacation? You have a good time viewing beautiful Bonsai at the world-famous Bonsai mecca...
8h $ 113 up to 3 people

Bonsai Tour in SAITAMA

(21) Reviews
You will visit a place known as a Bonsai mecca among Bonsai lovers within Japan and the world, the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum and the Omiya Bonsai village.The...
4h $ 69 up to 5 people

Bonsai (Living Art) & Railway Museum

(21) Reviews
We visit the Bonsai Art Museum which has World famous masterpieces of Bonsai that are displayed in the gallery, Japanese reception rooms and a neat garden ...
8h $ 109 up to 3 people

Bonsai Garden Tour

(41) Reviews
by Akira.S
Bonsai is living art. The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum is the world's first publicly run museum dedicated to bonsai art. It boasts a collection of many bonsai...
5h $ 183 up to 4 people

Enjoy the atmosphere of good old Edo period in Kawagoe ”Litt...

by Nao
30 minutes train ride from the central Tokyo takes you to Kawagoe "Little Edo", where retains an ambiance reminiscent of an old town from the Edo period (1...
6h $ 157 up to 3 people

Creating the magnificence of nature onto a small tray

by Nao
Omiya Bonsai village is now recognized as the sacred ground of Bonsai and many Bonsai lovers visit this village. Bonsai museum in this village is the best ...
8h $ 225 up to 3 people

Enjoyment of Bonsai sightseeing and Kawagoe Koedo tour spots...

(48) Reviews
This tour include Omiya Bonsai museum & village where several types of Bonsai are displayed in both inside the museum & outside garden and Kawagoe tour spo...
10h $ 375 up to 8 people

Bonsai village & Neighboring Optional Tour [Cherry Blossom V...

(17) Reviews
After meeting at your hotel - by train - arriving at Omiya station at 9:30 am - a 20 minute walking - Hikawa Shrine(famous and high-class) - a 20 minute wa...
8:30h $ 244 up to 5 people

Train & Bonsai museum in Saitama

(5) Reviews
We visit two museums in Saitama prefecture(train museum and bonsai museum). First, visit train museum in the morning ,after ,visit bonsai museum in th...
8h $ 225 up to 6 people

Small Edo in Saitama

(1) Reviews
by Nao
Kawagoe in Saitama is called Koedo means small Edo. If you would like to feel the atmosphere of old Japan, I strongly recommend to visit Kawagoe. Many ol...
8h $ 281 up to 5 people

Best Guides in Saitama



(84) Reviews
Hi Everyone! Welcome to Japan. I’m Tomoko. I am an English-speaking licensed tour guide, and a registered nurse as well. “Fun Discovering Experien...
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Kon-ni-chi-wa. Hello! I'm Kaori, having lived in Tokyo for 20 years since I got married with a photographer. I'm originally from Shizuoka prefecture which...
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Hi! I’m Michiko. I was born and bred in a countryside near Nikko where is blessed with not only the gorgeous natural scenery including waterfalls, mountai...
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(157) Reviews
Hi, I'm Dai. I'm a national licensed tour guide for foreign visitors. I've been backpacking around the world for the last 16 years. I've been to more ...
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I have lived in Tokyo for a long time, and I like Tokyo and really enjoy the life of Tokyo. I love eating, shopping and cooking, so Tokyo is one of most...
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I am Makiko. I was born in Tokyo and I've lived here my whole life. I therefore know a lot about Tokyo and the surrounding areas. Tokyo has various kinds o...
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Hi, I am Toshi (My friends call me T-chan)! My love for travel has inspired me to be a tour guide myself. I love discovering new cultures, new places (us...
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Hi, I am Nobu, a national certified tour guide. My main areas as a guide are Tokyo and its Suburbs including Nikko, Hakone and Mt. Fuji. I can also guid...
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