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Duration: 7h

Saga tour à la carte

by Tomoo

.With abundance of paddy fields and waterways, Saga represents the original Japanese landscape very well. Farmers have cropped rice in Tsukushi Plain for over 2000 years.By this tour, you can experience both traditional and modern Japanese culture.
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Duration: 8h

Porcelain and Pottery Tour in Arita, Imari

by Tomoo

Elegant porcelains, simple but warm pottery... Saga has been creating beautiful works for over 400 years. Here in Saga you can see masterpieces of traditional ceramic art to fire the imagination.
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Agricultural, Cooking, and Traditional Playing Experience in Nishiyamada Farm of Saga

by Tomoo

Aiming to be a theme park in which tourists can experience agricultural, cooking, and playing activities, Nishiyamada farm was launched in 2005. Surrounded by serene countryside atmosphere, you could perfectly relax and enjoy becoming a part of Japanese traditional agricultural scene.
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