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Sado Gold and Silver Mine: Relics tell you 400 years of history

(21) Reviews

Sado has been well known as one of the major gold and silver production sites in Japan. It has the history of 1000 years. There are four major minig sites in Sado: Nishimikawa alluvial gold mine, Tsu... read more

by Fujiko
$ 103 up to 5 people

Shukunegi - the village of sengokubune, sailingship of Edo era

(21) Reviews

This small coastal village once prospered as the center of shipbuilding industry during the Edo era. After the Meiji Restoration, the industry fell into decline due to the overall Westernization an... read more

by Fujiko
$ 75 up to 5 people

Sado one day tour

(3) Reviews

There are many interesting and fascinating sightseeing spots in Sado. Sado is worth visiting ! I'd like to take you to some of them efficiently in one day. please pick 4-5 places from following option... read more

by Keiichi
$ 197 up to 7 people

Sado half day tour

(3) Reviews

There are many fascinating tourist spots in Sado. Among them,the most popular spots are Sado gold mine and Toki (Japanese crested ibis) forest park.Basically,these two spots are indoor facilities, so ... read more

by Keiichi
$ 84 up to 7 people

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