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James James Germany ( Family )
1 year ago

“ A piece of pure gold ”

We spend amazing four weeks in Japan, but the two trips on Sado Island we did with Fujiko were definitely our highlight. Fujiko did a great job guiding us and spoke excellent English. Apart from being a caring and humorous person one could tell that she really likes being a guide.


Dear James Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful review. I'm sure you've visited so many places and discovered a lot about mysterious Japan. I hope the memory of Sado stays longer with you. I promise you that I keep working hard in order not to turn into silver! Fujiko

Private Tours

Murakami city Sake Sake one day tour

(26) Reviews
by Fujiko
Murakami city is located in the northern part of Niigata Prefecture. The city was flourished during the Edo period as a castle town governed by the Muraka...
6h US$ 229 up to 10 people

Sado Gold and Silver Mine: Relics tell you 400 years of hist...

(26) Reviews
by Fujiko
Sado has been well known as one of the major gold and silver production sites in Japan. It has the history of 1000 years. There are four major minig sites...
2:30h US$ 101 up to 5 people

Niigata City one day tour of your choices

(26) Reviews
by Fujiko
Located on the Japan sea side of mainland Honshu, about 2 hours bullet train ride from Tokyo, Niigata city has been flourished as one of the major port tow...
7h US$ 229 up to 6 people

Shukunegi - the village of sengokubune, sailingship of Edo e...

(26) Reviews
by Fujiko
This small coastal village once prospered as the center of shipbuilding industry during the Edo era. After the Meiji Restoration, the industry fell into ...
2h US$ 73 up to 5 people