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Osaka Highlights Tours

  • Osaka One Day Highlights

    (122) 口コミ
    by Mari
    Osaka is considered Japan's economic powerhouse having 2.7 million people. Many tourists say Osaka is more relaxing compared to other big cities in Japan....
    8 時間 ¥ 32,592 6人まで people
  • Osaka Five Best Spots One-day Tour

    (34) 口コミ
    by Toshi
    In Osaka, there are so many interesting places that you feel like visiting. Even if you would like to see a lot of them, it Is hard to see all within a lim...
    8.5 時間 ¥ 32,000 4人まで people
  • Private Tour Osaka half day tour

    (23) 口コミ
    by Akira
    We visit Osaka Castle and Umeda Sky Building(Floating Garden Observatory) in four hours. From your hotel first we visit Osaka Castle by the train and we...
    4 時間 ¥ 20,370 10人まで people

Osaka Food & Drink Tours

  • Osaka Minami Gastronomic world (Kuromon Market, Dotombori)

    (111) 口コミ
    by Hideo
    I can assure you that you can enjoy Osaka Minami Tour. First I take you to Namba Yasaka Shrine. Whatever you say, the most eye-catching thing at Yasaka...
    8 時間 ¥ 30,556 30人まで people
  • Osaka Culinary Culture Tour

    (34) 口コミ
    by Toshi
    Osaka, the second largest metropolitan area in Japan, is called "Tenka no Daidokoro", the kitchen of the country. During this tour, we will visit Dohtonbor...
    8 時間 ¥ 30,000 4人まで people
  • Dotonbori Foodie Three hour Tour

    (12) 口コミ
    The Osaka city is culturally divided in two areas, namely north side and south side of the region. The southern side of the region reminds people of fres...
    3 時間 ¥ 10,185 5人まで people

Osaka Nightlife Tours

  • Osaka Skyscraper: ABENO HARUKAS

    (111) 口コミ
    by Hideo
    ABENO HARUKAS building has just opened on March 7th, 2014. It's the tallest building in Japan with a height of 300 meters, exceeding even the Yokohama La...
    4 時間 ¥ 15,278 30人まで people
  • Osaka Namba & Backstreet Evening Tour

    (73) 口コミ
    by Seiko
    Backstreets in Namba offer lots of great little shops, restaurants and bars for the locals. I will take you to the area and ask you choose 2-3 spots an...
    3.5 時間 ¥ 11,204
  • Early evening Osaka drinker's stroll by certified profession...

    (1) 口コミ
    by Eiji
    Why not stroll before your dinner with drinks and foods at reasonable price. The guide is certified professional guide with 3 certifications with English s...
    4 時間 ¥ 19,000 2人まで people

Osaka Unique Experience Tours

  • Let's Enjoy A Japanese Baseball Game at Hanshin Koshien Stad...

    (111) 口コミ
    by Hideo
    【VIDEO】 The content of the video consists of 2 parts. The first part early in the 1st minute is outside the Hanshin Koshien Stadium when the 96th Japan...
    6 時間 ¥ 18,333 30人まで people
  • OSAKA Gourmet+KARAOKE w/a cappella singer♪

    (20) 口コミ
    by Ai
    A native Osakan guide will take you to a local restaurant that is not on the internet nor guidebooks.After the lunch/dinner, we will enjoy Japanese KARAOK...
    6 時間 ¥ 32,593 3人まで people
  • You are the LAST SAMURAI!

    (101) 口コミ
    by Kaori
    LAST SAMURAI trails with real authentic Japanese sword!! Not only you can take part in  a real target blade-testing (goza-kiri) experience with an authe...
    4 時間 ¥ 20,370 per person

Osaka Day Trip

  • Kyoto & Nara From Osaka 10 H

    (7) 口コミ
    Visit 2 ancient cities,Kyoto and Nara from Osaka including High-lighted sites.Duration is 10 hours with public transportation.You can change some spot if y...
    10 時間 ¥ 36,500 8人まで people
  • Osaka, from the past to the present

    by Mouloud
    We will discover Osaka through the different steps of its history from its origins to its contemporary time. We will do a time slip to go back little by li...
    8 時間 ¥ 25,000 10人まで people
  • One day Osaka tour for your great experience

    (53) 口コミ
    by KASHIMA
    There are several attractions in Osaka. One of them is food culture that is called “Kuidaore by Extravagant in food”. You can enjoy several food markets ...
    10 時間 ¥ 40,000 8人まで people

Osaka Art & Culture Tours

  • Osaka History and Nostalgic Area Tour

    (34) 口コミ
    by Toshi
    Osaka, the second largest metropolitan area in Japan, is generally well-known for its contemporary architectures and street foods. However in this tour, yo...
    8.5 時間 ¥ 32,000 4人まで people
  • Enjoy Osaka Aqua Metropolis and Modern Architectures

    (111) 口コミ
    by Hideo
    First I would like to take you to the 2.6 km long Tenjinbashisuji shopping street. It's the longest shopping street in Japan. I recommend you visit the Os...
    6 時間 ¥ 22,407 30人まで people
  • Interesting food & culture tour in Osaka 4 H

    (7) 口コミ
    4 hours walking tour with seeing food Market, Food samples made of wax, Amime or Manga street,Shinsekai area so on.If you don't have much time or prefer sh...
    4 時間 ¥ 15,500 8人まで people

Osaka Shopping Tours

Osaka Kids & Family Friendly Tours

Osaka Nature & Outdoor Tours

Osaka Online Experiences Tours

  • Let's Explore Osaka Castle Online Together!

    by Mouloud
    Me in Japan and you in another country. Do not give up your project to visit Japan as I am here for you! For the moment, let's connect us online to discove...
    2 時間 ¥ 6,000 6人まで people

    (135) 口コミ
    by Richard
    We work together to decide where to go and pick the time to connect on zoom and I will provide the tour. We can pick 3 to 4 places for me to visit for y...
    3.5 時間 ¥ 25,000 15人まで people
  • Osaka ONLINE Virtual Tour SESSION

    (135) 口コミ
    by Richard
    This tour allows you to connect with a professional, interpretive Tour Guide from Japan ONLINE and from the comfort of both of your homes discuss different...
    1 時間 ¥ 6,000 8人まで people

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