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Stew Stew Canada ( Solo )
1 month ago

“ Hiromo Is highly recommended ”

She met be at hotel 15 minuets before the start of my first day in Osaka. She is a very nice friendly person who has traveled around quite extensively herself. We did a nigh walk of the food market . I mostly want to learn the food culture. She told me a lot of general Japanese customs. She took around Dotonbori St and some interesting out of the ways places . We got some Okonomiyaki for lunch. I would highly recommend HIROMI! It was the best thing I did was to have this tour as I had no idea what Japan would be like.


Dear Stew Welcome back to Canada and thank you very much for your kind review for me!! You are the elegant and kind person.I also learned something from you and could spend very nice time with you.I love your beautiful paintings ( I checked your site! ).I hope to see them at your art gallery some day! Please stay healthy and have a nice days! Hiromi

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