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Lynn & Ted Lynn United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Kyoto Cruise Excursion Extraordinaire! ”

Hiroko expertly organized our Kyoto visit, maximizing every minute so that we could take in all the major attractions that we had selected in the city. We also were able to spend a bit of time socializing together in Osaka where we enjoyed street food in Dotonbouri and then a delicious dinner in a tiny, locally-owned restaurant, which capped off a fantastic day. Had Hiroko not been with us, we would not have been able to identify the small establishment or its menu, as the owner's sign was written in Japanese and he did not speak English. Hiroko was able to translate for us and the restaurant owner, which made socializing with him another highlight.


Lynn, I am truly grateful for your kind and generous review. As to that small establishment in Dotonbori, you had a great instinct for finding such a nice place for dinner. Thank you again very much for letting me join you there. I only wish we had had more time together. I really enjoyed being your guide in Kyoto and Osaka and hope that you will visit Japan again sometime in the near future. Please send my warm regards to Ted. Sincerely, Hiroko