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Richard Richard United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ An evening on the town ”

We went for a somewhat free-form evening tour in Osaka in a non-touristy district with RIE and she was extremely accommodating both when booking and during the tour itself. We wanted to eat and drink our way a bit off the beaten path and RIE was absolutely great helping us find some really great spots we would have never known about. She was super cool and we greatly enjoyed our evening with her.


Thank you for your leaving such a great review soon after our tour. It's very kind of you, Rick. It was a great time with all of you, enjoying a dinner at a local and energetic district, and you inspired me of a new-style guide course for my future guests! I wish I could make your stay in Osaka even more unforgettable. I hope you come back to Osaka soon to discover more yummy food and interesting culture in Japan. Thank you again and best regards to your family.

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