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Taeok Taeok United States ( Family )
1 week ago

“ Just like a caring aunt ”

We took a one day Osaka city tour with Seiko. Our group consisted of 7 people from 3 generations-rather big and diverse group. My husband and I were worried if the grandparents who are in their early 80’s would be able to keep up with the tour. We were also worried if the kids will follow with the tour without getting bored or tired too soon. As we feared, the grandparents had to take a long break in the middle of our first destination, and then even longer break for lunch. But Seiko accommodated to the grandparents’ needs with so much care and kindness that we felt like she was our real aunt! The grandparents eventually returned to the hotel after lunch, and the tour continued with the remaining 5 people. Since we took such long breaks, we were behind the schedule by a lot, but Seiko guided us diligently to finish the itinerary. The kids were particularly attracted to claw machine places, and they asked to visit more of them. Even with the limited time remaining, Seiko tried her best to accommodate to the kids’ requests, and we finished our itinerary successfully. Seiko’s expert knowledge in Osaka, and her genuine kindness and care made all 3 generations happy during our recent trip to Osaka. We couldn’t have done it without Seiko. Thank you sooo much!

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